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Strip Poker II Plus

Strip Poker II Plus

Strip Poker II Plus

"Seems to be no skill involved - your opponent can be bluffed fairly consistently by betting high and thus giving the impression of a good hand."
A&B Computing

"Load it up, play it through, and make sure you never touch it again."
Electron User Group


A sizzling and exciting game of poker awaits you as you pit your skills against Donna and Sam in a game of Poker. You have nothing to lose but your pride. The girls have considerably more at stake. Do not let their looks fool you one bit; they play a smart game of poker. They make the most of their beguiling charm to sweetly and gently lead you into the trap from which only the best can escape with their honour and pride intact.

Selecting Opponents

Use the cursor keys and RETURN to control the game.

At the beginning of a hand, each player must bet. The bet is always $5 and is entered for you automatically. Both you and your opponent start the game with $100. Your opponent's current holdings are displayed to the right of the screen. Yours to the left. Your cards are then displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Whenever WAGER shows up on your side of the screen (left side) it is your turn to bet. Use the J/S to select your option.

STAY - means that you are electing to do nothing for now and are waiting to see what your opponent does. If your opponent also stays during the first round, then the hand is redealt and another $5 is added to the pot. You cannot stay if your opponent has bet or raised.

DROP - means that you concede the hand and the money in the pot to your opponent. You can drop at any time it is your turn.

BET - means that you want to put some money in the pot in the hopes that your opponent will do the same so that you can win it all.

RAISE - If you or your opponent has bet and you believe that you have the better hand (or you wish to scare your opponent into dropping), you can raise the amount of money in the pot. To bet or raise, use the joystick to select the amount you want then press the button. Bets and raises have a minimum of $5 and a maximum of $25. They are made in increments of $5 and there is a maximum of two bets per person per round of betting.

CALL - You can only call if your opponent has raised. Call means that you are willing to equal the amount that your opponent has put into the pot, but you do not want to raise any higher for now.

When betting is completed without a drop or two stays, you can draw cards. You always draw first. You can draw up to five cards. You will see a pointer over your first card. If you wish to discard that card, click left button. When you have finished discarding, move the arrow to DONE and click left button.

A new round of betting occurs after the draw. After the second round of betting, you are shown your opponent's hand, and are informed as to who won the hand and how much. Note: You do not get to see your opponent's hand if your opponent drops or you both stay.

Any time either you or your opponent use up all your money, $100 must be borrowed against an article of clothing. This will be noted by the computer. If you win, you do not have to give up your article of clothing and your debt is cancelled, but if you or your opponent lose, the article of clothing which was borrowed against must be given up!

Clothing is won back any time that the winnings go back over $100. When this happens, the clothing is returned and $100 is subtracted from the winnings. Any time that you or your opponent lose all your clothes, the game is over!


Donna and Sam are loaded as six picture files named DONNA1-DONNA6 and SAM1-SAM6.

During the game, if your opponent wins back one of the garments she had lost previously, it will be necessary to load the previous picture file. It is therefore very convenient to know the exact location of the start of each picture file on the tape. To do so, always reset the tape counter to zero before loading the tape.

The tape has been recorded in the following sequence:


When the title screen is loaded, stop the tape and note the counter reading. This is the start position of the "DONNA1" picture file. Select Donna and press the play button. When "DONNA1" is loaded, stop the recorder and note the counter reading. This reading is the start of the "DONNA2" file. Repeat this procedure for all the files. The end of "DONNA6" file is the start of "SAM1" file.

The program and the picture files are recorded on both sides of the tape.


Cover Art Language(s): English
Compatibility: BBC Model B, BBC Model B+, BBC Master 128, Acorn Electron
Release: Professionally released On 5.25" Disc
Original Release Date: 17th Oct 1989
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Strip Poker II Plus (Cassette)
Strip Poker II Plus (5.25" Disc)