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Strategy 2 - Invasion

Strategy 2 - Invasion

Strategy 2 - Invasion


This is not an arcade game. If you don't want an intellectually challenging strategic wargame to play, put the tape back on the shelf!

Invasion places you in command of the land forces of the Western Alliance, just prior to an invasion by the Red's tank armies.

You will have to exercise skill and judgement as you move, supply and build up your limited defences to stand any hope of victory. Invasion is a true wargame and you could play all night just to find that the computer's grasp of strategy was superior to yours!

Using excellent graphics and with detailed instructions, Strategy 1 is light years beyond the arcade. Isn't it time you stopped being the cannon fodder and took command? This is you chance to see if you're good enough to fight it out at the top!

The Game

Invasion puts you in command of the land forces of the Western Alliance. You are faced with an invasion by the Red Army - most of which are individually stronger than your forces! You must plan your defence carefully to succeed and protect your cities.

The problem facing you is double-edged. From every city you hold you may draw resources to build up your forces and to supply them for attacks. However, simply holding onto the cities is not enough. If the Reds get past your lines of defence you will still lose the game!

The only answer is to fight it out. You can do this by giving each of your eight armies orders, which may be to Move, Increase their strength of Decrease their strength. These changes in strength are achieved by using the reserves available to you. The reserves are created at the appropriate point in each turn by using the resource points created by the cities - each city contributes 10 points.

One resource point will supply an attack by one active unit of your armies, or two resource points will create one reserve point, which you can allocate when and where you like. If you choose to decrease the strength of an army these points will be placed in the reserve pool. The correct use of your resources is the key to a successful strategy.

The program contains more detailed instructions on the various phases of each turn together with examples of the playing board and it is strongly suggested that you read these thoroughly before playing the game for the first time.

Some Hints: The following ground rules may well assist the novice.

  1. Don't defend the edges of the map (We'll leave you to find out why!)
  2. Don't try to make big gains too early!
  3. The cities have a defensive strength - Use it!
  4. Get as many of your forces into the attack as you can
  5. Don't concentrate your forces in a small area

The rest is up to you...


Cover Art Language(s): English
Compatibility: Acorn Electron
Release: Professionally released On Cassette
Original Release Date: 1st Jan 1984
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Invasion (5.25" Disc)