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"If you haven't been to Loch Garten yet, you can console yourself playing Osprey until you get the chance."
Electron User

"The game isn't exciting, but I am now more aware of the plight of ospreys."
Personal Computer News

"Even when you've felt the magic of the ospreys in real life, you'll still want to play it."
The Micro User

Can You Save The Ospreys?

In the world of computer games, it's not uncommon to find birds of prey threatening the survival of their human opponents, usually on some inhospitable planet light years from our own.

In reality, as OSPREY! vividly reflects, the situation is just the opposite. Man is the more menacing predator and for a hostile environment you need look no further than the highlands of Scotland.

Developed in conjuction with the RSPB (and based on their site at Loch Garten in Scotland), OSPREY! is a highly original game intended to illustrate the complexity of wildlife conservation.

Given the responsibility of protecting the precariously small Scottish OSprey population, you have at your disposal a team of wardens. They will enable you to keep egg stealers at bay, prevent huntsmen from shooting the birds, and control the ever-inquisitive toursits who can easily disturb the nests.

After allocating the wardens to their duties you can see how successful your strategy has been. And, as in real life, certain factors (like the weather!) remain beyond your control. So the problems of ensuring the Osprey's survival are by no means straightforward - as the RSPB will tell you.

Colourful and fast-moving 3D graphics screens show clearly how you have used your wardens, the arrival of the Ospreys, and the hazards that befall them! Plus a full use of sound creates Osprey calls and the noise of tourists and egg stealers.

An exciting game introducing you to the challenge of wildlife conservation with every purchase making a contribution to the RSPB's funds.

Suitable for all agets from 8 upwards.


Cover Art Language(s): English
Compatibility: BBC Model B, BBC Model B+, BBC Master 128, Acorn Electron
Release: Professionally released On Cassette
Original Release Date: 13th Nov 1984
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