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Julian Avis

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"This game will sell and sell... The action is smooth and fast, and the levels tortuously difficult."
Electron User

"There is no denying that Dunjunz is a stunning piece of programming."
The Micro User


"Beeb Game of the year! 1-4 players. Amazing all action adventure deep down under, four characters, weapons, treasure, spells, meanies, 25 levels. Fast, furious and funny. By Julian ("It's very deep") Avis."

Four heroes must recover the Chalice of Binding and save the World. Mackscrane the Great Demon has hidden it in the Dunjunz complex. They must battle it out against Bashers, find treasure, magic, adventure and death.

The Story So Far

To help them on their quest, the Gods have given the four heroes extra powers:

The Ranger uses a bow, and his quiver has the power to produce an unlimited supply of arrows.

The Wizard has been taught how to cast powerful fireballs.

The Barbarian's axe can create clones of itself.

The Warrior can draw an infinite number of swords from her shealth.

Each character can only fire a certain amount of weapons at any one time; you need magic to maintain the weapon's existence.

Each character begins with a different set of fighting attributes. As the game progresses, you will find magical items which boost your character's abilities and so increase your chances of survival.

Four people can play this game at the same time, each person controlling his/her character. Each character has their 'own' quarter of the screen and go round the Dunjunz on their own, getting to treasures first and even hunting each other; the Barbarian is a good one to start with.

Progression Through The Levels

On each level of the Dunjunz, there is an exit, a square 'hole' which leads down deeper into the Dunjunz - the next level. By sliding down these exits, the characters will get nearer and nearer their ultimate goal - the Chalice.

The Characters

The Wizard can fire three arrows at a time. They are not that effective. He wears leather armour, which absorbs about a third damage. He does have one advantage over the Barbarian and Warrior - he can use magic; all monsters in the vicinity are killed but it drains his energy badly.

The Ranger can cast two fireballs at a time, and each one does the same damage as two arrows. A robe protects him and when hit he takes maximum damage. Not a good fighter, he has one power no one can match - his magic, and he hardly uses any energy - a dangerous character.

The Barbarian is a born fighter with no magic. He begins with one axe which does horrific damage and can kill in one shot! His natural tough skin is better than any leather and nearly matches the Warriors' chain mail!

The Warrior can throw three swords at a time, and each equals a fireball in damage. She wears chainmail, carries a shield - maximum armour! But she has no magic.

Making It Through To The Next Level

As long as one character makes it through to the next level (i.e. reaches the exit) then all dead characters will be brought back to life on the next level with their original attributes. If the Barbarian had gained three axes and then died, on the next level he would be back to 1 axe and scores are reset to 0.

If all die on a level, then new heroes take their place, starting back on level 1.

Whenever a new level is begun, everyone has their health put back to full strength regardless of how weak they were on leaving the last level.

Objects In The Game

Exit - To go deeper, walk over a square hole.

Treasure - Worth 20 points.

Food - Increases health by 10 points. Health cannot exceed 99. Worth 5 points.

Teleporter - Teleport to another room on the same level.

Trap Doors - Where new monsters emerge from replacing dead comrades.

Energy Drainer - Lose 20 health points. They can be destroyed by repeatedly shooting them. Beware when a weapon hits an energy drainer, it bounces back. Worth 1 point for every hit.

Magic Sword - Increases the damage a character's weapon does by 1. Worth 10 points.

Pile of Weapons - Allows a character to fire an extra weapon, 3 being maximum. Worth 10 points.

Magic Helmet - Increases armour rating by 1 point. Less damage is taken when hit. Worth 10 points.

Boots of Speed - Moves you about twice the normal speed. A lightning bolt on the display shows the presence of the boots. Bumping into anything apart from walls, doors and keys loses the boot. Worth 10 points.

Potion of Healing - A blessing or a curse. The health of the character changes: Take the last digit (the rightmost digit) of his/her score, duplicate it, and this value is the new health value. Worth 10 points.

Door - Open by walking into it and by carrying the correct key. Some are hidden. Worth 7 points.

Key - For each door there is a key. Only one key may be carried at a time by a character. If you go over another key, then the key lying on the floor is picked up, and the original key being carried is dropped in its place.

Screen Display

Concentrate on the screen that your particular character controls, even if you appear on other character's screens. Your screen will always show your character in it.

Character Display

The lighting symbol means the character has double speed.
The key symbol denotes a key is being carried.
The shield bears the character's armour rating (maximum 7)
The number of swords denote the number of weapons a character can fire at any one time.
The numerical displays indicate health, score and the damage each weapon will inflict.

Game Controls

  Ranger Wizard Barbarian Warrior
Magic Q * - -
Pause on/off = P


Cover Art Language(s): English
Compatibility: Acorn Electron
Release: Professionally released On Cassette
Original Release Date: 1st May 1987
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Dunjunz (Cassette)