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3D Tank Zone

Corporate Climber

Horse Race

Corporate Climber

This fast action game is only for the most keen minded of entrepreneurs. Caught in the capitalistic pursuit of corporate expansion, your ambition is to obtain the ultimate accolade - the key to the executive washroom!

The object of the game is to walk the corridor avoiding the taxmen in the lifts and collecting various items on the way. At the end of each corridor, you are moved up to the next level. Too long a delay on a particular level will result in increasing blood pressure and should be avoided.

Difficulty levels may be chosen from the options page.

Lemming Syndrome

Mad Marco is on the rampage and has blown the bridge to the mainland. The only escape for the fleeing population is to jump into the shark-infested waters. As Lifeboat Lennie, you must try to bounce the panicking people to safety across the water whilst avoiding the marauding sharks and the desperate attempts of Mad Marco to blow up your liferaft with dynamite.

Lemming Syndrome is a fast and furious game full of special effects and options designed to make your task harder as you get better.

The options page allows you to select the speed and the type of control for your raft. You have only one liferaft and the game ends if more than fifty people are left to drown.


Inside the smoke-filled Pool Hall you carefully line up your cue. Good judgement is essential as you want to avoid being hustled in this game.

You shoot gently this time, and just kiss the black into the corner pocket. The game is won and you get ready for the next challenger.

Pool is a realistic representation of the real thing using high resolution super-smooth colour graphics for accuracy and detail.

You control the cue angle and strength of shot and the computer does the rest together with keeping track of penalty shots and the score.

Horse Race

Ever wanted to play your luck on the horses but were too scared of losing your money? Well, this is your chance to win!

Horse Race is a better game suitable for 1-6 players. All betting is entered from the keyboard. Each player takes turns to bet on as many horses as their money will allow.

When it is your turn to bet, study the form, choose the number of the horse you want to bet on and then enter the amount - up to £999 (followed by RETURN). When you have completed all your betting, press space to allow the next player to bet or for the race to commence.

Up to fifty races can be run per meeting. Players losing all their money will not be allowed to bet.

3-D Tank Zone

As weapon commander you must, with the aid of radar, scan the terrain surrounding the city and missile silos for marauding enemy tanks and destroy them before they get you.

Watch out too for waves of incoming jets and helicopters on the horizon. To aid you in your task you have at your disposal a direct fire anti-aircraft cannon and an anti-tank missile launcher.

The game features excellent 3-D wire graphic tanks and battleground displays with realistic missile in-flight action and detailed instruments console.


All games on tape are loaded with the command CHAIN"" (RETURN).

Cover Art Language(s): English
Compatibility: Acorn Electron
Release: Professionally released On Cassette
Original Release Date: 1st Jan 1984
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