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Larry Horsfield

Cover Art

Magnetic Moon

Magnetic Moon

Magnetic Moon

"A most enjoyable mental exercise which I can recommend to the experienced adventurer."
Electron User


You are Mike Erlin, 2nd Lieutenant of the United Planets Survey Service Spaceship, 'Stellar Queen'.

While on a survey of the stars and planets in the Pleiades cluster, you lose contact with your sister ship, the 'Stellar Princess'. Your Captain orders the 'Queen' to the last known position of the 'Princess' so a search can begin for her.

When you reach this position, you find it is near an earth-like planet that has three moons. The largest of these is bigger than Earth's moon. As the 'Queen' moves in closer to the planet, a powerful tractor beam lashes out from the large moon and seizes the 'Queen'! The ship gathers speed and hurtles towards an almost certain crash on the satellite!!

As the 'Queen' plunges down, the Pilot and Chief Engineer manage only by sheer skill to turn the ship and fire the main engines to slow the ship. Instead of a fatal crash, the 'Queen' makes a very hard, but safe, landing!

As damage reports start arriving in the Main Control Room, you use your survey equipment to discover that the tractor beam is no longer operating, but an even more powerful magnetic field is holding the 'Queen' on the surface of the moon. The source of this magnetic field is centred a few kilometres from the 'Queen', in a large underground installation.

The Captain calls for volunteers to form a party to search for this alien installation. You step forward, but the Captain refuses, saying you are needed on board. You have other ideas, and resolve to make your own way off the ship to search for this alien installation on your own!!

Playing Hints

You move around using the usual single letter directions N, S, E, W, plus U & D.
In various places you will get useful information about your surroundings by typing LOOK UP, DOWN or AROUND.

To redescribe your present location type 'R', and your current inventory can be displayed by pressing 'I'.

This adventure is in three parts and when you have completed parts 1 and 2 you will be asked to prepare a blank tape to save the current position in order to start playing the next part.

If you wish to go straight to Part 2 or 3, wind the tape forward to the appropriate part and type *RUN

Note that you need only type the first four letters of any Verb or Noun, etc.

This Adventure was written using The Quill from Gilsoft, and was inspired by the Sci-Fi works of Andre Norton, in particular the story 'Sargasso of Space'.


Cover Art Language(s): English
Compatibility: Acorn Electron
Release: Professionally released On Cassette
Original Release Date: 1st Jun 1987
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Magnetic Moon (Cassette)
Magnetic Moon (5.25" Disc)
Magnetic Moon (3.5" Disc)