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David Woodhouse & Tony Racine

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Jet Boot Jack

Jet Boot Jack

Jet Boot Jack

"The graphics are good, the smoothness of the movement superb."
Electron User

"An exciting game with nice features but without the quality to make it a lasting favourite."
Home Computing Weekly


Jet Boot Jack, space-age jogger, zips his way through the Record Processing Plant, collecting musical notes as he goes. Unfortunately, bugs and gremlins are trying to prevent him from achieving his aim - that is, amassing the greatest music collection in the world!

He must eliminate the nasty creatures by travelling above their heads and bouncing on top of them until they fall to their deaths. In his search for musical satisfaction, Jack needs fuel to power his Jet-Boots, which he can collect by colliding with the overhanging vinyl pods - the energy is quickly transformed into fast action Jet-Boot Jack propellant!

So, the scene is set, now commence play and see just what Jet Boot Jack must contend with in the first 10 Screen Adventure undertaken by our intrepid hero of the future!

Note that Jet Boot Jack may only climb on and off the lifts and sliders when they are stationary.


Each pod contains a fixed number of refills - if your reserves are high, duck under the pods to score more points!

Warning - A siren sounds if Jack has been standing still for too long.

Bugs And Gremlins

Stators - They remain in one position but descend and rise at regular intervals. They can only be killed in the raised position.
Patrollers - They travel from side to side.
Flappers - They move under the slider supports and cannot be killed - very dangerous!

Skill Levels

Skill Level P - Practice mode. No bugs. Five refills per vinyl pod and a bonus of 100 for each vinyl pod collected.
Skill Level 1 - Two bugs per screen. Five refills per vinyl pod and 100 bonus multiplier.
Skill Level 2 - Four bugs per screen. Four refills per vinyl pod and 200 bonus multiplier.
Skill Level 3 - Six bugs per screen. Four refills per vinyl pod and 300 bonus multiplier.
Skill Level 4 - Eight bugs per screen. Four refills per vinyl pod and 400 bonus multiplier.
Skill Level 5 - Ten bugs per screen. Four refills per vinyl pod and 500 bonus multiplier.

Game Controls

Z - Left, X - Right, / - Jump Up and Down on the spot
: - Activate (If Jack is on a lift or slider, this key controls its movement)
RETURN - Duck under low ceilings and bugs. He rises again after a while

SHIFT - Selects the skill level and determines the number of bugs and gremlins, the number of refills available from each vinyl pod, the initial amount of fuel, and the bonus multiplier.

SPACE - Controls the maximum jump factor. i.e. it lets you bypass the early screens you have already completed, so that you may recommence on the same screen when you play your next game.

N.B. When you have completed Screen Ten, the next screen will always be Screen One, irrespective of the jump value.

The RETURN key will start the game using the values set on the current options page.

During play, pressing SPACE will pause the game, until pressed again.

Pressing ESCAPE will return to the title screen if pressed while playing a game.


Each musical note collected = 75 points.
Bugs and gremlins are killed by jumping up and down on them, giving a Random Bonus: 100-300 points.
Screen Completion Bonus: x 100 - x 500.
Number of pods left x the Bonus Multiplier.
Each screen is completed by collecting all the notes.
Extra lives are awarded when scre reaches 10,000, 30,000, 50,000 and 80,000.


Cover Art Language(s): English
Compatibility: BBC Model B, BBC Model B+, BBC Master 128, Acorn Electron
Release: Professionally released On Cassette
Original Release Date: 1st Feb 1985
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Jet Boot Jack (Cassette)
Jet Boot Jack (5.25" Disc)
Jet Boot Jack (3.5" Disc)