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Sooty's Fun With Numbers

Sooty's Fun With Numbers

Sooty's Fun With Numbers


Now Learning Can Be Fun!

Sooty's Fun With Numbers has six colourful entertaining programs. Designed by educationalists, parents and a top team of programmers to help your child with the National Curriculum. Your child can learn at his own pace and what better way to hold their attention than to have their favourite character helping them along.

Friendly Learning have carefully constructed these delightful programs so no computer knowledge is required by the parent or the child.

You do not have to first teach your child how to use a computer - everything is controlled by a joystick (perfect for tiny hands)!

You have the option to select different levels and to enter your child's name so all the "reward" sequences will refer to your child directly by his or her own name.

Sooty's Fun With Numbers is for the under sevens.

Give your child a head start: simply load the program - and away you go!

Parents' Guide with easy-to-follow instructions, and a special pack of fun educational cards that your child can use anytime.

Parents' Guide

The Game

Sooty and his friends are some of the most popular and enduring children's characters of all time, so there is nothing better to hold a young child's attention than a series of educational programs that feature these lovable rascals.

Sooty, Sweep and Soo feature in six easy to use separate programs that use pictures and special effects to teach your child about the use of numbers. The programs have special "win/lose" sequences that will make your child want to keep learning.

We have carefully constructed this package so you and your child need no computer experience at all.

All instructions if you wish can be varried out by using a joystick (which could be simpler).

You can set the difficulty level, enter your child's name, select the case of the text used in the software. To do this please see the section headed "Options".

The Menu Screen

When the software has loaded you will be presented with a screen showing six boxes representing the six programs.

Move the pointer around the screen to the box representing the program you wish to play, then press fire on the joystick or the space bar on the computer.

To move the pointer you can use the joystick or the cursor keys.

Remember using a joystick is far easier for a young child. You can leave any of the games with ESCAPE.

You will note that once you have selected a program, it's use will be relatively self-explanatory and indeed your children should be able to use them all with little or no instruction once they have mastered the joystick (or keyboard) controls.

Magic Numbers

Sooty will appear at the bottom of the screen. He will throw a number of magic wands up into the air. Your child will be asked to enter the number of wands seen on the screen.

To enter the number your child uses the special selection box at the bottom of the screen. Simply move the marker left or right (using the joystick or keyboard controls) until it is over the required number, then the child just had to press the fire button (or space bar) to select the number. Sooty will tell your child if the selection is correct or not. This will then be repeated ten times and your child's result will be given using the special "win/lose" sequences.

Sweep's Bones

The screen shows a number of Sweep's bones on the right. Sweep has buried these bones out in the garden and everyday he would like some for his dinner.

Sweep will ask your child to take a number of these bones away so Sweep can eat them. The child should then move the required number of bones from right to left. When he or she is happy with the selection then simply press the fire button to see if it's correct. After ten goes, your child will be told how many he or she has got right.

Soo's Hats


Soo loves hats, and she loves to buy new ones to add to her wardrobe. She will show the number of hats she already has, and tell your child how many more she would like to buy. The child should then add together the two numbers and tell Soo how many she would then own. This can be done by selecting the correct number using the joystick (or keyboard controls). After ten goes Soo or Sooty will tell your child how well he or she has done.


Two numbers will appear on screen, e.g. 5 and 3. Sooty will appear at the bottom of the screen holding his magic wand and will ask the child to "magic away" either the bigger or the smaller number. Sooty can be moved left or right until he is under the number your child wishes to select. Press fire and the number above will be covered with a magic spell.

After ten goes, Sooty will tell your child how well he or she has done.

Order! Order!

Boxes containing numbers either 0 to 7, 1 to 8 or 2 to 9 will appear at the bottom of the screen. There will be gaps in the sequence of numbers. Your child will be asked to fill these in with the correct numbers. The child will be shown one of the missing numbers, he or she should then move this number to the correct space (press fire to drop the number). When all the spaces have been filled, Sooty will check them and highlight the ones that are in the wrong spaces. The more this game is played the more spaces will be presented and the harder it will get.

Remember to put the numbers in the correct order.

Sooty's Race

This should be played last as it features many of the elements your child will have learnt from the other programs.

The program starts with Sooty and Sweep, in their cars, on the starting line. Sweep will set off around the track (his speed will depend on which difficulty level you have selected). A question will appear at the top of the screen, a multiple choice selection of answers will also appear; your child should select an answer by moving the square marker left or right. The child should answer the question as quickly as possible. If the answer is correct Sotty will be set off after Sweep.

If your child answers enough questions correfctly then Sooty will beat Sweep to the finishing line but remember he will not wait - after all, it is a race.


When the software is loaded you will be asked to type in your child's name - if you do not wish to do this then Sooty's name will appear instead.

When the menu page appears the parent can select the difficulty level of the software; this affects certain programs. To do this simply press the SHIFT and 1 keys together. You will then be asked to select your level using the numbers on the computer keyboard.

You will then be asked to select the case used in the text throughout the software, i.e.

U - UPPER case only
L - LOWER case only
M - MIXED case

If you do not choose a difficulty level, then the easiest will be selected for you, and if you do not select the case then mixed case will be used.

After any of the programs have been played, your child will be returned to the menu screen where he or she can select any other program to play (or indeed the same one).

Finally, there is no right or wrong way to use the programs. Simply be guided by letting your child choose the ones he or she enjoys and let Sooty, Sweep and Soo help them learn.




Cover Art Language(s): English
Compatibility: BBC Model B, BBC Model B+, BBC Master 128, Acorn Electron
Release: Professionally released On 5.25" Disc
Original Release Date: 1st Mar 1991
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Sooty's Fun With Numbers (5.25" Disc)