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Gemini serious home programs bring the full power of your micro's potential to your fingertips with this combination of exciting and rewarding software:

Designed to store information in a similar format to a card indexing system under several headings and then selectively retrieve. For example, a record collection under 'Artist', 'Song', 'Composer', 'Orchestra', or the contents of a freezer under 'Date of Purchase', 'Use by Date', 'Food Type', etc.

Once stored, these can then be retrieved in any desired order. For instance, all recordings by the Berlin Philharmonic, or all deep-frozen food for use by 30th September.

Home Accounts
Designed as a complete Home Accounting package, this program allows the user to set up a budget for items of household expenditure and compare actual expenditure with budget. A running total of all surpluses and deficits is available both as digits, and in the form of a bar chart.

A complete bank account routine is included, together with suggested expenditure categories such as mortgages, rent, rates, telephone, gas, electricity, etc. However these may be deleted or augmented without difficulty.

Spreadsheet Analysis
An invaluable calculation/editing program suitable for investment portfolio management and household contents valuation/updating (for accurate contents insurance periodic valuations)... yet capable of far more complex financial and scientific work... Interfaces with Graph Plot.

Designed to keep a record of names and addresses and print, examine and sort them in a predetermined order, enabling selectively defined groups within the total list to be extracted. Full printer routines are included.

Graph Plot
Converts statistics and numerical data into easily read Graphs, Pie Charts and Histograms... especially recommended for any kind of mathematical plotting work. Interfaces with Spreadsheet Analysis.

Instruction manuals for above programs included in pack.

Cover Art Language(s): English
Compatibility: Acorn Electron
Release: Professionally released On Cassette
Original Release Date: 1st Oct 1984
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Cover Art


Combination Home Software Pack (5.25" Disc)