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Rob O' Leary

Cover Art

Felicity Farm Girl

Felicity Farm Girl

Felicity Farm Girl


The concept of division has always posed problems for even the most giften teacher, so here is a novel, exciting way to teach the younger child the basics. Help Feclity to share out the bags of oats amongst her hungry horses. Daniel Duck also has a part to play and is very cross if you get your sums rong! The problem of the remainder in a division sum is originally and amusingly overcome and the graphics and sound are second to none.

Recommended age range 7 to 11 years

Running The Program

After loading the program, press RETURN to move through the pages. On the Game page, use the numeric keys (0 to 9) to input your answer. R moves onto the remainder. DELETE wipes out the response and RETURN enters the answer.

Please note that the answer must be input in the following manner by the child.

Whole number, then R, the remainder, RETURN. If the remainder is zero, RETURN may be pressed instead of R. If only the remainder is typed in wrongly, it may be corrected by simply pressing the right numeric key. SPACE may be pressed to place a single figure in the correct units column.

A correct response results in Daniel Duck jumping happily and a tick appearing.

If an incorrect response is given, Daniel shakes his head, the correct answer appears in a different colour and Felicity shares out bags of oats amongst her horses to illustrate the principle of division. A cross appears on the screen. Pressing any key gives the next question. Once ten questions have been asked, a score out of ten is given, together with an appropriate message.

If ESCAPE is pressed at any time during the text, the program restarts from the instruction page.

Useful Hints For Parents And Teachers

Type *RUN to load. Follow screen prompts as they appear and you will quickly learn how to use the programs.


Cover Art Language(s): English
Compatibility: Acorn Electron
Release: Professionally released On Cassette
Original Release Date: 1st Jan 1984
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Felicity Farm Girl (Cassette)
Felicity Farm Girl (5.25" Disc)