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A complete range of Inventory Control features are built into Gemini's stock program, and these can be summarised in the following illustration:

You have a stock of products. With the Gemini program you may enter details of each product onto a record card on the computer with details of your own existing stock number (if any), a description of the product, the unit quantity (i.e. one, a gross, a pair, etc), the cost price per unit, the selling price per unit, a specified minimum satisfactory stock level, units in stock, ordering quantity and supplier details.

The program will allow you to enter stock received, stock out, and will also give you a summary of stock items and current holding, together with details of total cost of stock, total sales value of stock, current gross margin on stock, cost of bringing stock up to minimum level, understocked items, etc, etc, etc.

Each stock item has its own computerised record card and you may browse through the file as a whole, or just a specified number of records. An extremely powerful piece of software and highly recommended for the small businessman.

Remember, all Gemini programs are professionally designed by people who are experienced in small business management. You will find also that our software has attractive and well-designed screen layouts to make the most of your computer's capabilities.


Cover Art Language(s): English
Compatibility: Acorn Electron
Release: Professionally released On Cassette
Original Release Date: 1st Jan 1983
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Cover Art

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