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Stuart Cheshire & Delos D. Harriman

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"Simple to play, very addictive and a very very classic piece of programming."
A&B Computing

"Action is a bit lacking but the graphics for the characters, although small, move fairly smoothly."
Acorn User

"One of the most playable games I have seen this year."
Electron User

"I can recommend Skirmish wholeheartedly... will certainly lead to a severe case of repeated late nights."
The Micro User


Prepare to Joust, Buzzard Bait! This classic flying combat game is set in a fantasy world of medieval knights and strange birds.

The enemy knights always play, with either one or two human players. Beginners are recommended to play in pairs, so they can help each other. Experts may enjoy the extra challenge of a human opponent.

Players' Colours (And Skills)

Player 1 wears yellow armour and rides on the light blue ostrich. Player 2 wears white armour and rides on the pink stork. All of the enemy knights ride on green buzzards: the Bounders wear red armour and are fairly stupid; the Hunters wear light blue armour and are more cunning; the Shadow lords wear dark blue armour and move the fastest.

Death Of A Rider Or Player

When an enemy rider is killed, an egg is produced. If the egg lands safely on one of the six rock ledges, then it will hatch into another rider. It will not hatch if it falls into the lava or a player catches it.

When a player is killed, his new life rises up out of one of the grey energiser pads located on the rock ledges. Until he moves, he flashes and is immune to attack. These are the same energisers from which enemy birds appear at the start of each wave.

Numbered Waves

The standard game gets progressively tougher as it continues.

  • On Wave 3, flames burn away the bridge over the lava pit.
  • On Wave 4, the Lava troll appears as another flame above the lava. Any bird flying too close will be caught by his hand and pulled down into the lava, though it is possible to escape with rapid flying.
  • Wave 5 is the first Egg Wave. Egg Waves begin with just twelve eggs scattered on the rock ledges.
  • From Wave 6 onwards, the rock ledges will begin to disappear. These screens give more freedom of movement, but require different tactics.
  • Wave 8 is the first Pterodactyl Wave, though you may meet him in earlier waves if you take too long killing the enemy knights. The 'unbeatable' Pterodactyl kills human players on contact. He will fly away when all the enemy knights have been killed.

Other Waves

  1. In Team Waves, each player gets a bonus of 3,000 points for not killing the other player.
  2. In Gladiator Waves, the first player to kill the other gets a bonus of 3,000 points.
  3. In Survival Waves, the player gets a bonus of 3,000 points for not losing a life during the entire wave.

Game Controls

There are just three controls: Left, Right and Flap. Each player has a choice of keys. Choose the combination of keys which suits you best.

Player 1: CTRL or W - Left; A or E - Right; CAPS, S or D - Flap
Player 2: + or Cursor Up - Left; * or COPY - Right; P, Cursor Up or RETURN - Flap

In the 1-Player Game, any combination of the Player 1 and Player 2 keys may be used.

1/2 - Start 1/2 Player Game, 3/4 - Sound Off/On, 5/6 - Pause On/Off
ESCAPE & Right Cursor - Quit Game


Cover Art Language(s): English
Compatibility: BBC Model B, BBC Model B+, BBC Master 128, Acorn Electron
Release: Professionally released On Cassette
Original Release Date: 14th Apr 1988
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Skirmish (Cassette)
Skirmish (5.25" Disc)