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John Hunt & Steve Benfield

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"No doubt this game will appeal to some people but personally I wouldn't choose to play it more than once, and would get more pleasure with a greater chance of earning a million from the newspaper's bingo."
A&B Computing

"Although a truly professional job it is not that different from other similar games already available."
Electron User

"What I particularly like about this game is that Incentive have redefined the text; this gives the program a touch of quality."
Home Computing Weekly

"Unless you are really interested in this sort of pseudo wheeling and dealing, it might prove a little uninspiring for those of you expecting another intellectual adventure-type challenge."
The Micro User


Millionaire is a new experience in getting rich!! From a small humble home to a magnificient estate? Take on one of life's little challenges and become a millionaire! Start up a Software Co, Buy, Sell, Advertise and Wheel and Deal with Honest Harry. Full Screen Graphic Representation of your current residence and many other features. Who wants to be a Millionaire?!!

How To Become A Millionaire

You own a home computer and have written a program which you consider to be of sufficient quality to market. You are willing to put £500 of your own money into the project. The decisions are up to you and these will directly influence whether or not you make it to the top and become a Millionaire.

First, you must choose whether or not you wish to specialise, and if so, in what area. Your first program can be sold if required to boost your initial capital.

The section entitled "What makes a good Program?" occurs at the start of the game and periodically thereafter. This section is very important as regards sales.

You will be presented with a graphic illustration of the offices belonging to your company, Software Inc. The buildings will become more impressive as your assets grow. However, at the start of the game, you will be working in a mid-terraced house. The game rotates in monthly cycles. First will appear a display of the company's programs, sales, tapes in stock, rates, assets and money borrowed. Next will appear a graph showing the monthly progress (only sales of 100+ will appear), followed by the news sheet. Often these pieces of news have a direct effect on the company and its sales. When news is beneficial, sales should be boosted and vice-versa.

You must decide on which main area you are going to work.

The following options are open to you...

  1. Programming. This will add one new program to your sales.
  2. See Honest Harry. If you want to get rich quick, or money is short then H.H. can provide very cheap programs and cassettes but there is always the risk of finding yourself on the wrong side of the law.
  3. Try to sell products to retailers. This will, of course, help to boost sales.
  4. Convert existing programs to other machines. This will increase the number of programs by one.
  5. Try to obtain a loan. Loans of £1,000 can be obtained each month, with an interest replayment of 10% per month. If your loans exceed your assets by £10,000 then you will be considered to be bankrupt.
  6. Sell out. If you've had enough and want to see how well you've done then you can sell out. A score sheet will be revealed showing assets, sale price, popularity rating and a score 0-100.

In order to boost sales, you have five ideas, but be careful how you use these because each can be used only once. Some are free and others will cost you. However all will, to a certain extent, boost sales.

When you have programs on the market you will be asked how much you wish to spend on advertising; how much you wish to spend on duplicating per cassette (if you choose the cheapest option then you may find that programs are faulty and this will adversely affect sales) and how many cassettes you are duplicating for the next month.

Points To Note

If assets reach -£100 or lower then you will be considered bankrupt.

When a fair number of cassettes are on the market, occasionally one will disappear. The idea behind this is that the programs have a limited lifespan and may well be taken off the market if they are not selling well.

The profit margins for the first 18 months are quite high. After that period, there will be a cut in profits to compete with others. After 30 months, selling will become gradually more difficult, but the effect of this is only slight.

Prove you can reach £250,000+ for a few months and then relax. The hard work of getting the company off the ground and becoming a stable organisation has been done. From here on, the computer will assume that you have the capability to make a MILLION and will assess the time taken to reach your goal based on your performance so far.

The program starts fairly easily for all to gain some measure of success, but as your assets grow - so do all the problems!!

Will you become a millionaire? Good Luck.


Cover Art Language(s): English
Compatibility: BBC Model B, BBC Model B+, BBC Master 128, Acorn Electron
Release: Professionally released On Cassette
Original Release Date: 1st Jun 1985
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