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Keith Spence

Factfile 500: Super Sports

Factfile 500: Super Sports

Factfile 500: Super Sports


Extend any of your KOSMOS ANSWER BACK QUIZ programs with this fascinating collection of multiple choice questions and answers. Each FACTFILE 500 pack contains an enormous total of 500 additional questions and 2000 answer options covering twenty different topics.

Fully compatible with ANSWER BACK SENIOR, ANSWER BACK JUNIOR and Answer Back Sport.

FACTFILE 500 packs provide a wealth of supplementary questions, answers, facts and figures for use with any of KOSMOS ANSWER BACK quiz programs and games. They provide countless hours of entertainment and cannot fail to teach even the most reluctant pupil a great deal about the chosen subject.

FACTFILES can be used with each of the questions and answer modes supported by the ANSWER BACK programs, for example, Multiple Choice, True-False? and "Complete-the-Answer". You can try as many questions as you like in sequential or random order and the computer will keep a check on your performance, point out your mistakes and allow you to revise any weak areas. The ANSWER BACK quiz programs also allow you to relax and test your skill in a compelling game as a reward for successful learning!

FACTFILE 500 packs are fully compatible with the quiz creation, editing and saving facilities included in all ANSWER BACK programs.

FACTFILE 500 packs are available on an ever increasing range of educational and leisure subjects for most home and personal computers. Each pack contains a massive collection of 500 well-researched questions and 2000 answer options. Write or telephone if you would like to receive details of the complete range of subjects now available.

Increase your knowledge of the geography of the world in which we live with this comprehensive, informative yet entertaining FACTFILE 500.

The topics included give a good general insight into the physical and economic geography of most of the more important, and some of the less well known, countries of the world. So, whether your interest lies in France or Tuvalu, the USA or Burundi, this FACTFILE will certainly provide food for thought.


500 Multiple choice questions on the following topics:

SS1 Easy Ones First SS11 1985
SS2 Association Football SS12 Guess the Sport
SS3 Horse Racing SS13 Wimbledon
SS4 Rugby SS14 Boxing
SS5 Cricket SS15 Snooker
SS6 Athletics SS16 Football for Know-Alls
SS7 Pot Luck SS17 Golf
SS8 Fishing SS18 Snow and Ice Sports
SS9 Sport on Wheels SS19 Mixed Bag
SS10 Racquet Sports SS20 Water Sports

Research and compilcation by D. Chapman


Compatibility: BBC Master Compact, Acorn Electron
Release: Professionally released On 3.5" Disc
Original Release Date: 1st Jan 1984
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Factfile 500: Super Sports (Cassette)
Factfile 500: Super Sports (5.25" Disc)