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Keith Spence

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"The best program of its type I have seen to date for the BBC and Electron."
A&B Computing

"The handling of wrong answers is good. Answer that Zurich is the capital of Switzerland, you get: "No, but Zurich is in Switzerland"."
Home Computing Weekly


Identify Europe. A fascinating educational program for all ages.

What is Europe?

A gigantic jigsaw puzzle measuring 5,000 by 4,000 kilometres. The puzzle contains some forty-four strangely shaped pieces. Twenty seven of the piueces are sections of the mighty land masses, the countries.

Each country has a name and within it a place of great importance - its capital

The puzzle is completed by the vast expanses of water which link together the countries of Europe, the seas

Each sea has its own name, a name which often gives no clue to its location within the puzzle.

Features Include:

  • Versatile menu-driven control program
  • Highly detailed map of Europe
  • Country areas indicated by full-colour 'filling'
  • Multiple choice answers
  • Immediate correction of wrong answers
  • Challenging points scoring system

The Identify Europe program provides a fascinating way of solving the European jigsaw puzzle. The program will teach users the name of each country, its shape, its capital city and its position in the map of Europe. As an added bonus the program may also be used to identify the names and locations of the major European seas.

The Identify Europe program provides a fascinating means of discovering and learning the geography of Europe. The program will provide hours of amusement for all the family and everyone is sure to benefit from it.

In use, the program shows a highly detailed map of Europe and asks an enormous variety of questions on a range of all-important topics. You can specify precisely which topics you want to learn and you can tell the computer how many questions to ask.

The program keeps track of your performance at all times and even allows you to specify the number of attempts you would like at each question before being told the correct answer. A points scoring system adds to the challenge and provides a useful measure of just how much you have learned.

1. Loading The Program

The program should be loaded by using the command CHAIN "EUROPE". After approximately one minute the program title will appear on the screen. Leave the tape running and after 40 secs or so the 'Searching' message will again appear and loading will resume. After another minute or so you will be asked to stop the tape whilst the computer draws the map of Europe.

When the map has appeared on the screen, reset the tape counter (if you have one) and start the tape again. Loading of the final sections of the program takes a further two minutes. Stop the tape when you are advised to do so, the program is then ready for use.

It is best not to rewind the tape at this stage. The program you have loaded is Part One of the package which deals with countries and capitals of Europe. The tape is correctly positioned should you later wish to load Part Two, "The Seas".

Note: If you have any difficulty in loading the program, a second copy is recorded on Side 2 of the cassette.

2. Running Part One "Countries And Capitals"

The screen shows the message:

L = Load SEAS

Press the 'R' key. You will then be asked to specify which of the four options you would like to use. You can choose questions on the names of the countries, their capitals or questions on both. To make your selection, simply press key 1, 2 or 3 as required. (Option 4 is a demonstration mode which is explained in paragraph 6).

Next, the computer will ask how many questions you would like to try. Type in the number you require and press the RETURN key.

Finally you will be asked how many attempts you would like at each question before the computer gives you the correct answer. Enter 1, 2 or 3 according to your preference.

3. Answering The Questions

All of the questions are asked in the Multiple Choice format. The computer provides six alternative answers to each question, numbered 1 to 6. All you have to do is select the correct answer by pressing the appropriate numeral key (1 to 6). If you do not know the answer you can 'pass' by pressing the COPY key.

If you answer the question correctly the computer will sound a high note and you will be allowed to go on to the next question simply by pressing the SPACE bar.

If you get the answer wrong the computer will sound a low note then explain your mistake. By pressing the SPACE bar you will either be given another try or told the correct answer, depending on whether or not you have used up all your guesses!

The computer will proceed to ask you questions in this way until you have completed the number requested. You can however terminate the session at any time by pressing the ESCAPE key.

4. The Scoring System

You are awarded points for correct answers as follows:

  Correct answer at first attempt   30 points
Correct answer at second attempt 20 points
Correct answer at third attempt 10 points

The screen will always show your current score together with the number of questions answered correctly and incorrectly so far.

You are only deemed to have answered incorrectly when you have used up all your guesses without finding the correct answer or used the 'pass' facility.

At the end of the session you will be told your final score and you may even receive a well deserved word of praise or encouragement.

5. Loading And Running Part Two "The Seas"

You may choose to load Part Two of the program, "The Seas", whenever the screen shows the message:

L = Load SEAS

Simply press key L, switch on the cassette player and the Seas program will load. Once the seas program has loaded you will be reminded to stop the tape, the computer will then display the message:

  R = Run SEAS

Press the R key. The computer will then ask if you require a demonstration. Press Y for Yes or N for No. (The demonstration mode is explained more fully in paragraph 6).

Finally you will be asked to specify the number of questons you would like to try and the number of attempts at each question as before.

Instructions for using the Seas program are exactly as described for Part One (Countries and Capitals) in paragraphs 3 and 4.

Should you wish to reload Part One of the program, all you have to do is press the 'L' key when the message:

  R = Run SEAS

is displayed. The computer will then tell you to rewind the tape (until the tape counter again reads zero). Having done this, switch the cassette player to PLAY and Part One of the program will commence loading.

6. Demonstration Mode

You may request a demonstration of either Part One or Part Two of the program before trying it yourself. Once the demonstration mode has been selected the program will repeatedly display questions together with six answer options. As each question appears, the computer will select an answer at random (not always the correct one) and the program will deal with it just as if you have pressed a key yourself.

The demonstration may be terminated at any time by pressing the ESCAPE key.

If you wish, you may join in the demonstration by pressing one of the answer keys (1 to 6) before the computer makes its random selection. This facility is very useful for initial revision of the geography of Europe before you pluck up courage to test yourself!


Cover Art Language(s): English
Compatibility: BBC Model B, BBC Model B+, BBC Master 128, Acorn Electron
Release: Professionally released On Cassette
Original Release Date: 1st Jun 1985
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Identify Europe (Cassette)