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Geoff Larsen

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"If this is an indication of things to come I will have no hesitation in buying all of their future releases."
Electron User

"A simple verb/object input is not always necessary, thanks to an ingenious approach taken by Geoff Larsen to the Quill parser."
The Micro User


You have served your six months' sentence for burglary and now you hope to benefit from what you have learned.

Old Jones was a good mate to you. Mind you, Jonesy doesn't realise how much information was given away whilst asleep. Sleep talking is a fairly common occurence I suppose.

The sly old devil. Pulled off a bank robbery three years ago did old Jonesy. The money was never recovered, of course. Jonesy saw to that. One and a half grand stashed away where nobody would find it. Nobody except you, that is. Poor old Jones was arrested in the village of Lower Ashley sans loot. The robbery had been from one of the banks in Greater Manchester, ten miles south.

Lying between the two, of course, is Wychwood. Good old Jonesy, Wychwood.

From what you have heard while the old codger was giving it zeds the money is stashed away in the vicinity of Wychwood Manor. It could still take some finding of course but you know how old Jonesy thinks, don't you? When you get to Wychwood your instinct should help you. Six months isn't long enough to dull your senses.

This car was easy enough to nick, huh? Don't care much for the colour but that is the least of your concerns.

Can't be much further now. Ah, there's the turning for Wychwood. I'll park the car here. This road is quite off the beaten track and anyway nobody should be snooping around at this time of the morning. Not even seven yet.

Right, here goes...

Hints And Tips

  • If you are in the dark it may be because you do not yet have the feel for the game.
  • The key to Wychwood Manor lies partly in the unlocked cabin and partly underground.
  • If you manage to enter the locked cabin you could emerge with credit.
  • When you hear a strange noise above you look up.
  • You will need to be a bright spark to get past the dog. The water supply to Wychwood Manor has been cut off. Find an alternative source.
  • There is a secret room concealed on the ground floor of the manor.
  • Listen to the vicar's advice. If the bull does not make your spirits flag you could discover an interesting angle.
  • Autumn leaves conceal something useful.
  • Do not spend valuable time messing with the supernatural. It is better left alone.

Useful Commands

To Load Game:

To Redescribe Current Location:
Type L

Movement through the game is usually effected by N, S, E, W, U and D

An inventory of your current possessions can be found by typing I

Commands are entered in the usual verb-noun or verb format

To Save Game Position:
Type SAVE. The current state of play can then be resumed by typing LOAD


Cover Art Language(s): English
Compatibility: Acorn Electron
Release: Professionally released On Cassette
Original Release Date: 1st May 1987
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Wychwood (Cassette)
Wychwood (5.25" Disc)
Wychwood (3.5" Disc)