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Battlezone 2000

Battlezone 2000

Battlezone 2000


A. Setting And Objective

This is a wargame of the 21st Century in which you have control of the forces opposing the single enemy unit known as The Ogre. There are ten levels of play.

Your mission is to stop the Ogre from leaving the bottom of the map. The only way to do this is to destroy all its tread units. The Ogre itself is a computer-controlled supertank, which is bristling with weapons. It has missile systems, main and secondary batteries as well as a host of anti-personnel weapons. Each of the weapons shown has attack, defence and range factors as shown in table 1.

The Attack factor is a measure of the destructive power of each weapon, whereas the defence factor is a measure of the resistance of each weapon to attack. Range is the number of "squares" through which a weapon may fire. (The weapon can only fire within its range).

The Ogre is a tread or track vehicle, and the number of "squares" it is able to move in any one turn is governed by the number of tread units divided by 15, e.g. If The Ogre has 60 tread units, it has four movement points, 45 tread units gives three movement points, etc.

Weapons A D R
Missiles 6 3 5
Main Battery 4 4 3
Sec. Battery 3 3 2
Anti-personnel 1 1 1
Table 1 - Ogre (Your Enemy)
[A - Attack Factor   D - Defence Factor   R - Range Factor]

Movement is determined by number of tread units (1 at 15, 2 at 30, etc)

B. Your Forces

Under your command, you have a number of different units (see table 2).

Your Forces A D R M
Command Post 0 1 0 0
G.E.V. 2 2 2 4+2*
Heavy Tank 4 3 2 3
Missile Tank 3 2 4 2
Infantry 3 3 1 2
Howitzer 6 1 8 0
Table 2 - Your Forces
[M - Movement (maximum number of squares in one turn)]
*Movement of four units in the First phase and two units in the second Key as per Ogre

Command post - represents your position on the map from where you can issue orders to your units. It is unable to move or attack.
G.E.V. - (Ground Effect Vehicle) : a hovercraft type of armoured vehicle, which is extremely fast and manoeuvrable. In order to reflect this feature, the G.E.V. has TWO movements per turn.
Heavy tank - heavily armoured tank, not too far removed from present day tanks.
Missile tank - a less heavily armoured tank capable of firing missiles. Each missile tank is well equipped with missiles (unlike The Ogre which quickly runs out).
Infantry - infantry equipped with power suits for mobility and protection. Are armed with anti-tank weapons.
Howitzer - An immobile heavy missile cannon capable of long range attacks. This unit may not move - it will remain stationary throughout the game unless destroyed.

The attack, defence, range capabilities of each of these units is shown in Table 2.

C. The Play

Before play begins, you will be shown what units are available to you and how many of each you have. If you are not satisfied with the mixture of units provided, you may change them.

The map, with craters and The Ogre in position will then be displayed and you will be asked which level of difficulty (1-10).

Next, all your units will also be displayed, in position, on the map, and you must decide who moves first.

Having decided who goes first, The Ogre's current status will appear on the bottom line.

O The 'Ogre'
ML2 number of Missiles left
MB1 number of main batteries
SB4 number of secondary batteries
AP8 number of anti-personnel weapons
TR45 number of tread units remaining


Cover Art Language(s): English
Compatibility: BBC Model B, BBC Model B+, BBC Master 128, Acorn Electron
Release: Professionally released On Cassette
Original Release Date: 1st Jan 1984
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