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Paras is a simulation of small unit actions in which a force of 15 men are under your direct control. You must decide what action each of these men will take each turn - there is a choice of up to 10 different activities. At the start of the game, yu force has already been dropped by parachute.

The game comprises of two separate scenarios. In the first, you must eliminate all enemy forces in order to secure a safe route for your retreat. The objective for the second part is simply to destroy the bridge.

Note: All enemy need not be eliminated in this part, just the bridge.


Initial Set Up
Each of your men must be placed in 'squares' in the bottom three rows, only having 1 man per sqaure. At the start of Part 1, all the enemy are concealed in cover. In Part 2, some are concealed whilst others in full view.

Playing The Game

Paras is played in a series of same turns. Each turn has three separate phases:

i) Choose actions for each man and carry out movement.
ii) Carry out all attacks on the enemy.
iii) Enemy action and fire.
i) Player Action and Movement

Each man must elect to perform one action per turn. These actions are selected by depressing the appropriate function keys.

f0 Nothing - Man does nothing
f1 Move - Give the location of the intended move. In part 1 and 2, a man may not move to a 'square' occupied by either a friend or foe. In part 2 only, certain areas of the map may not be entered.
f2 Fire - Once chosen, this action is performed in the fire phase. Maximum weapon range is 7.
f3 Move And Fire - Combines 1 and 2. A prone wounded man may not move and fire.
f4 Fall Prone - Standing men may fall to the ground thus presenting a more difficult target for the enemy.
f5 Stand - Prone men may stand up.
f6 Prepare Grenade - Before a hand grenade can be thrown, the normal weapon must first be shouldered and the grenade prepared for throwing.
f7 Throw Grenade - Only available to men with prepared grenades.
f8 Lay Explosives - Only used at the bridge demolition stage, and only if the man is actually standing on square H19. Once laid, the explosives may be detonated by any man at that location.
f9 Detonate - Any man on square H19 may detonate explosives, providing they have been laid previously. Detonation will destroy the bridge and your mission will be accomplished.
ii) Player Fire

Beneath the map firing units, together with their locations are displayed. Colour coding is as follows:-

White - Fire
Yellow - Move and Fire
Black - Throw Grenade

Opportunity fire - At the start of the game, a number of enemy are hidden in cover and their locations are unknown to you. Their positions will only be revealed once they have fired. From then on, the man will be considered to have been spotted and his position will be constantly displayed until he is either killed or the game ended.

Scatter - Due to the nature of these weapons, they are subject to scatter - that is, the missible may not necessarily land at its intended target as it is liable to roll of fall short before exploding. Despite these drawbacks, grenades and bazookas are particularlu useful in the end game, as they are capable of destroying the bridge at long range.

iii) Enemy Action and Fire

During this phase, the enemy will perform its actions and attacks on your men.

Winning The Game

For levels 6-10 all the enemy must be killed in part 1, and the bridge destroyed in part 2.

For levels 1-5, the mission is simply to destroy the bridge.

The portion of the bridge that must be destroyed is located at H19 and may be accomplished by one of three methods:-

a) explosives,
b) grenade attacks, or
c) bazooka attacks.


Cover Art Language(s): English
Compatibility: BBC Model B, BBC Model B+, BBC Master 128, Acorn Electron
Release: Professionally released On Cassette
Original Release Date: 1st Jan 1984
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