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Keith Hunt

Cover Art

Special Operations

Special Operations

Special Operations

A. Setting And Objective

This exciting adventure war-game is set during the latter days of World War 2. The game utilises a split-screen and maps of various locations. Your position is shown in such a way that you are only shown what you would be able to see if you were on the ground (except the compound scenario which is an aereal photo).

Time plays an important role. You also have a time limit you set yourself; this is a rendezvous time for your pick up plane.

Your team members have two specialist skills, the choice of team members is up to you. There are thirty to choose from.

B. Restart Objectives And Time

"Continue saved game Y/N". To play a saved game, press Y and follow instructions. N starts a new game. Select Objective 1-7 from the list, time 1-9. The number of hours to pickup is in 10's of hours. e.g. 6 = 60 hours time to pick up.

C. Team Selection

From thirty applicants, choose four to accompany you, the team leader. At this stage, you will only be aware of one skill per applicant. To find a second skill, you will have to interview. This will take a full day and only eight can be interviewed before the mission commences.

When asked "Interview?" answer "i" will reveal second skill.

Having selected your team of four, the computer will create the adventure - this takes about a minute.

D. Three Main Scenarios

Although there are eighteen maps, the majority of play will be around "Forest", "Compound" and "Complex".

1. FOREST - You are parachuted into the centre, close to the target area. The map will depict an impression as you come down; it is not accurate.

Your position is shown by a flashing square. While in the forest, beware of enemy patrols.

A key to the forest terrain is available by using "tf" command.

2. COMPOUND - The entrance to the underground complex is in the centre of the compund and is constantly guarded. The place is literally crawling with enemy personnel.

3. COMPLEX - The underground complex is a series of passages and rooms. The display shows what you can see plus area you have been in. You cannot see around corners!!

Apart from the East and West edges, there are no dead ends. All passages lead somewhere.

There are three possible entrances and exits at the East and West edges. To exit, use the "ou" command at these locations.

You can only exit by the way you entered apart from the main entrance.

E. Time

Time elapsed will constantly be displayed in hours and minutes. Different actions and skills use different amounts of time, and also vary with the scenario e.g movement in the forest takes twenty minutes, in the complex, it takes two minutes.

It's up to you how much time you need but for excitement - don't give yourself the maximum.

F. Actions/Skills

Actions are shown in the reference tables.

Use of team skills is important.

Only three skills may be used simultaneously.

The team leader is proficient in all skills but you can select his skill use on five separate occasions.

Team skills are constantly displayed.

Team members only use skills when instructed. This is done by the "su" command. You will then be asked "Skill To Use?" Enter first three letters of the skill. If one of your team has this skill, it will be used until cancelled.

For leader skill, you must first select "Lea" then follow above procedure.

To cancel skill used; type "sc" when asked for action and then the first three letters of the skill.

To cancel leader skill, you must enter "lea" and not the skill.

Note: To correct errors, press z once or twice. If you select "su" or "sc" in error, escape by keying in a skill which you do not possess in your team. Skill use is cancelled in combat.

G. Combat

When an enemy patrol enters one of the adjacent areas to the team, combat will normally occur. During combat, your men will be shown at the bottom of the screen numbered 1 to 5. Team leader is number 1.

The enemy is deployed at the top.

For each of your men you must select an enemy target, then move each man two squares by using cursor keys (5-8) or 9 for no movement.

One hit causes a wound. Two hits causes death.

In order to hit a target, there must be a clear line of sight.

When hit, the man will "flash" on and off.

After combat, a status report on your team's condition will be given with by "st" command.

H. Saved Games

You may save the current game. Enter "qu". You will be asked to save the game position by pressing Y. Follow the on-screen instructions.


  1. Keep your leader safe.
  2. There are at least six completely different routes into the Compound and Complex.
  3. Be careful in the Compound and Complex. These are high security areas.
  4. Take great care in choosing your team. Get the best balance of skills.
  5. Remember your leader can use any of the thirty skills.
  6. Use skills to the utmost. Keep trying them and find out what they are capable of.


  1. Find location of the enemy compound and take photographs of it. You do not need to enter.
  2. Find a method of getting in and out of the Compound.
  3. Find a method of getting in and out of the Complex.
  4. Get samples of an experimental chemically based rocket fuel.
  5. Get sample of viral agent.
  6. Get details of the rocket guidance system.
  7. Destroy the production area in the Complex.

Reference Table - Actions

mn, ms, me, mw = move N, S, E, W (North is always top)
in = enter terrain, feature or vehicle (skills or equipment are somtimes used)
ou = get out
su = skill use
sc = skill cancel
eq = list of equipment found
se = search (not in caves)
ta = take (a piece of equipment)
hi = hide (you, not the equipment)
at = attack guards (forest only)
no = do nothing (short periods)
w = wait (long periods)
st = status report on the team
tf = terrain features in the forest
qu = quit the game


Acr(obat), Act(or), Bio(logist), Car(tographer), Che(mist), Cip(hers), Cli(mber), Div(er), Doc(tor), Ele(tronics), Exp(losives), For(ger), Int(errogator), Lea(der), Lin(guist), Loc(ksmith), Mec(hanic), Mid(get), Nav(igator), Pho(tographer), Phy(cisist), Pic(kpocket), Pil(ot), Rad(io operator), Sap(per), Sco(ut), Sni(per), Str(ongman), Una(rmed combat), Veh(icles).


Cover Art Language(s): English
Compatibility: BBC Model B, BBC Model B+, BBC Master 128, Acorn Electron
Release: Professionally released On Cassette
Original Release Date: 1st Jan 1984
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Special Operations (Cassette)
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