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Betty Root & Fisher Marriott

Cover Art

Snapple & Hopper

Snapple & Hopper

Snapple & Hopper


Two great games of fun and skill for kids of 4-8. See your children's reading abilities grow as they play and learn.

  • Teaches initial sounds and rhyming words
  • Designed by one of Britain's top reading experts
  • One or two players
  • Choice of nine speeds
  • Disk copyable

Devised by Betty Root, one of Britain's leading experts in reading. Betty Root is the 1985 President of the United Kingdom Reading Association and is in charge of the Centre for the Teaching of Reading, University of Reading. She is especially well known for designing educational games for young children.

Programmed by Fisher-Marriott, award-winning software developers.

The cassette contains two different games, one on each side : SNAPPLE and HOPPER."

Copying to disk

The publishers allow you to make one copy only of each program on to disk. Any further copying is prohibited and is an offence under the Copyright Act. Make sure you have a formatted disk with at least 17K spare memory for each program. You must make your copy as soon as the program has loaded and the main menu screen has appeared, before any key has been pressed.

Press CTRL and D simultaneously then release. The program saves automatically in two parts: SNAPPLE and x; HOPPER and x.

To load the programs from disk type CH."SNAPPLE" or CH."HOPPER" then press RETURN.

Running The Programs

Both games are great fun for children but they also have an educational purpose. SNAPPLE helps children recognise words which have the same two beginning letters, such as SKate and SKull. HOPPER helps children recognise words which rhyme, such as BOAT and GOAT. They feature an element of chance as well as skill so children of varying ages and abilities can play together happily.

Program Settings

To play the game without sound effects, wait until the menu screen has appeared, then press CTRL and S simultaneously.

Type 1 or 2 then press RETURN to select a one-player or two-player game.

Type a number between 1 (very slow) and 9 (very fast) to select an appropriate speed.

To break out of the game at any stage and return to the menu for re-selection, press CTRL and Z simultaneously, then release. New options can be set and the game begun again.

When you have finished playing one game, and want to load another, press CTRL and BREAK simultaneously then release.


Two Player Game

A picture is shown in each player's tree. The arrow indicates whose turn it is. That player must press a key (RETURN for right-hand side, A for left-hand side) to generate a new picture. If the two pictures shown begin with the same two letters, the first player to press RETURN or A respectively wins the SNAP and gains an apple from the tree. A false SNAP gives the opponent an apple. The winner is the first to win six apples.

One Player Game

This works in the same way, but with the player (right-hand side of the screen) challenging the computer (left-hand side). The player must press RETURN for a SNAP.


Two Player Game

Eight pictures appear on lily pads. The frog indicates whose turn it is. A picture appears in the centre of the pond. The player must spot which of the eight pictures rhymes with the one in the centre, and press the appropriate number. If an incorrect number is pressed, or no number at all, the rhyming word appears on the screen. (Pressing any key speeds up the removal of this word.) The winner is the player to accumulate the most lily flowers.

One Player Game

This words in the same way; the aim being to spot as many of the rhymes as possible.


Cover Art Language(s): English
Compatibility: BBC Model B, BBC Model B+, BBC Master 128, Acorn Electron
Release: Professionally released On Cassette
Original Release Date: 1st Jan 1984
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Snapple Hopper (5.25" Disc)