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John Taylor & Ed Hampartsoumain

Cover Art

Bandits At 3 O' Clock

Bandits At 3 O' Clock

Bandits At 3 O' Clock


Bandits At 3 o'clock is a two player aerial dogfight game set in the skies over Belgium. Each player is at the controls of enemy bi-planes and the first to notch up seven kills is the winner. Take-off is achieved by holding down the climb button as your plane accelerates down the runway. A plane can be shot down by shooting at its propellors. The conquering pilot must retain control of his plane for several seconds before victory is recognised and the next round commences.

A plane cannot be shot down while it is flying through the cloud but it can crash into the other plane. Either plane can be shot down by flak, and if a player flies to close to the enemy airship it will be fired at. Flying off one edge of the screen will cause you to appear at the other side of the screen, but if a plane flies into the red at the top of the screen it will be prone to stall.

The options menu appears when the program has completely loaded, when the ESCAPE key is pressed, or at the end of every game. Press the initial letter of the option you wish to add or remove.

Game Controls

Player 1: - Dive, - Climb, - Fire
Player 2: - Dive, - Climb, - Fire

A one player practice option is provided which allows you to perfect your dogfighting technique. The computer takes over the controls used by Player 2.


Cover Art Language(s): English
Compatibility: Acorn Electron
Release: Professionally released On Cassette
Original Release Date: 1st Jul 1984
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Bandits At 3 O' Clock (Cassette)
Bandits At 3 O' Clock (5.25" Disc)
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