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BBC Mastermind

BBC Mastermind

BBC Mastermind

"I have no doubt that someone, somewhere, will find the BBC Mastermind and Quizmaster programs of use."
Home Computing Weekly

"Remains very faithful to the original and you can almost imagine Magnus speaking the words that appear on screen."
The Micro User


This computer simulation of BBC TV's most popular quiz contest presents all the excitement and tension of the original - with one great difference - you, your family and your friends are the contestants!

Your computer assumes the role of Mastermind Questionmaster Magnus Magnusson, presenting you with two minutes of questions on your chosen subject and two minutes of general knowledge questions. One, two, three or four contestants can play, and once loaded the program is self-explanatory.

This pack contains two cassettes. Two sets of general knowledge questions and two sets of special subject questions - Films & TV and Sport & Games are included.

If you would like to write your own questions for use with the BBC Mastermind program, an accessory program - BBC Mastermind Quizmaster is available separately.

The Booklet

This booklet contains instructions on how to load and run your BBC Mastermind program. As with the television programme on which it is based, you will be questioned on a special subject and on your general knowledge. There are six sets of special subject questions and four of general knowledge currently available. Two sets of special subject questions and two of general knowledge have been included with this pack. The other sets are available separately.

You may already be aware that MASTERMIND's accessory program - BBC Mastermind Quizmaster - is also available separately and only the relevant documentation is included in this booklet.

Using The Program

  1. Once the first part of the program has loaded, the title screen will appear and you will hear MASTERMIND's signature tune.

    You will be asked if you require instructions. If this is your first time, type "Y" and the screens that follow will give you information about the program as well as helpful hints on how to get the most out of answering the questions, scoring points, typing in answers, etc.

    If you type "N", or once the instruction screens have been displayed, you will be press SPACE. The rest of the program will now load. If you are using a cassette, stop the tape when prompted.
  2. The next screen asks you to type in the number of contenders - up to four will be accepted.
  3. Now simply follow the screen instructions. The first contender types in his/her name, occupation and special subject, pressing RETURN after each input.

    N.B. The special subject must be one produced specifically for the BBC Mastermind program - either pre-recorded or created using the BBC Mastermind Quizmaster program. Please make sure that you type in the name of the quiz correctly.
    1. If you are loading from cassette, insert the Data cassette into the recorder, making sure that it is rewound, press SPACE as instructed and start the tape. The loading of the questions and data will take about four minutes. Stop the tape when instructed.
    2. If you are loading from disk, simply press SPACE.
  4. When the questions are loaded, you will see the message: "KEN, You have two minutes on FILMS AND TV starting NOW!!"

    Now the program and the first set of data have been loaded, you are ready to start the quiz.

Notes On Running The Quiz

As you are working against the clock, type in your answers as quickly as possible. If you make a mistake whilst typing, press the DELETE key to erase the last character. Press RETURN when you have keyed in your correct answer. The score is given in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, so that you can keep track as you go along.

To pass a question, simply press RETURN. Please note that only 16 passes are allowed in each round.

You will be awarded 1 point for every correct answer - near answers may be accepted, although spelling mistakes generally will not be.

If your answer is wrong, the correct answer is given. If the answer is not exactly correct, but contains a 'key' word, the screen will display 'I CAN ACCEPT THAT' and give the exactly correct answer.

N.B. Answers should be typed in upper case (capital letters) and on recent BBC models this will be done automatically. However, if you are using the 0.1 model, make sure that the CAPS LOCK key is depressed before typing in answers.

After the score has been displayed, all those questions passed are presented again along with the correct answers. In the event of a tie, the contender with the lowest number of passes wins the contest.

The next contender is then called. If he chooses the same special subject, the data will not have to be re-loaded. In ordee that the questions are not repeated, the 60 questions are divided equally between the number of contenders, so with four contenders each will be allocated 15 questions. It is unlikely that in normal circumstances more than 15 questions will be answered in a two minute round, but in that event 'QUESTION LIMIT' is displayed. Once a question has been answered, it will not be used again. If a different special subject is requested, follow the instructions in step four to load the chosen subject.

When all the contenders have answered their special subject questions, the scoreboard is displayed. The first contender is recalled to start the round of general knowledge questions. If you are using one of the pre-recorded Mastermind data cassettes, the general knowledge section follows the special subject section. Therefore, you should leave the cassette in place after the last contender's special subject has been loaded. However, if you are using one of your own quizzes, you will have to change cassettes.

Press SPACE and then start the tape.

If you are loading from disk, ensure you have the correct disk in place and enter the name of the general knowledge quiz you wish to load. The general knowledge quizzes included in this pack are called GEN1 and GEN2.

Press the SPACE bar when prompted to start loading.

When each contender has completed the general knowledge quiz, you will see the scoreboard again and the winner will be announced. You now have the option to print your results. If you wish to do this, type "Y" and then select your printer type.

The quiz has now ended, press "Y" if you would like to play again.


Cover Art Language(s): English
Compatibility: BBC Model B, BBC Model B+, BBC Master 128, Acorn Electron
Release: Professionally released On Cassette
Original Release Date: 1st Jun 1985
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BBC Mastermind (Cassette)
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