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Hans J. Eysenck, Carl Sargent & Hans Eysenck

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Know Your Own Psi-Q

Know Your Own Psi-Q

Know Your Own Psi-Q

"I'm sceptical both of the value of a program like this and of its underlying theme."
A&B Computing

"Whether or not you believe in parapsychology, this program is... well worth buying if you are at all curious about this."
Home Computing Weekly


The mystery of psychic power has intrigued and baffled man for centuries. In recent times it has been the subject of considerable scientific research and media interest. Until now most of us could only observe and probably remain sceptical. This most fascinating of home computer programs takes the investigation and testing of Psychic ability out of the laboratory and into your own home. Are you psychic? Can any members of your family, can any of your friends, predict the future (precognition) or see the unseen clearly (clairvoyance)?

Know Your Own Psi-Q uses entertaining and scientifically researched card games and shooting games to check for psychic abilities in the user. No cheating is possible, the computer is in total control of every test.

The program may be used time and time again, for research has shown that practice improves psi-ability, Research has also shown that relaxed subjects perform best - so a unique relaxation routine is included in the program. Test result history files may be built up automatically and a Psi-Q questionnaire checks for belief and attitudes - also found to be relative to Psi ability.

This program is based upon the book "Know Your Own Psi-Q" by Hans Eysenck and Carl Sargent published by Michael Joseph."

Introduction by Dr Carl Sargent

Psychic phenomena are controversial - some scientific researchers claim that there is overwhelming evidence that they occur, while sceptics deny this. Psi (short for psychic) abilities are of two kinds. The first is extra-sensory perception (ESP), the second is mind-over-matter or psychokinesis (PK).

The Know Your Own Psi-Q program contains tests for two types of ESP - clairvoyance, which is the ability to determine the outcome of events that have already occurred and precognition, which is the ability to see into the future - to foretell the outcome of events that have not yet occurred. The tests included in the program are derived from ones used in many formal scientific laboratory studies.

But is it possible to test psychic ability with machines? Many people are happier with the type of ESP called telepathy that occurs between two people. However, there is sufficient evidence to show that ESP with machines is indeed possible, it does occur, and the advantages of this program are enormous. You don't need to shuffle packs of cards, write down guesses, check the scores by hand over and over - all the time-consuming elements of old-fashioned ESP tests - and the possibility of errors is eliminated. What you get is speed, accuracy, excellent graphics, complete information, and absolute control over the testing. You can opt for several different types of test, tests under different psychological conditions, for example, and you can be serious about testing or just simply do it for fun!

It has always been believed that certain people have better psi abilities than others, so the program includes a series of questions about personality, beliefs and attitudes which can be used to predict how well a person is likely to do with the tests. These have been derived from similar questionnaires used in over 100 studies of ESP and personality/belief variables, conducted by a large number of researchers in over a dozen different countries in the last 35 years.

Again, there is evidence that certain states of mind or moods are more likely to favour ESP than others - so you'll find a short relaxation procedure here too. All you have to do is look at the screen and listen for approximately three minutes, whenever you need to relax.

The key feature of Know Your Own Psi-Q is that you get control over all key aspects of the testing. You decide which tests, how long they're going to be, when you do them - and you don't have to bother about the random choice of the 'targets' in the games, the scoring, the recording or the display of results. You get the choices, the fun and the results without any of the hard work. And above everything else you get the chance to find out for yourself. Hundreds of books and magazine features may baffle you with contradictory claims about psi, and without technical knowledge it is often not easy to know what has been established about psi, what is uncertain, and what is just illusion or trickery. Now you don't need to take anyone else's word for it; all you need is this program. So start your own investigation today.

Program 1

Program 1 consists of a quiz in the form of a questionnaire that is designed to assess your psychic inclinations, awareness and possible potential. It is divided into three sections, each one testing a particular aspect of your personality in relation to possible psi ability. The three sections combine a total of 102 questions. The questions are all in the same format, with three possible answers (sometimes two) as you can see from the picture below:-

When you have completed each section, your score is calculated and displayed on screen with a more detailed comment on its significance. You should complete the questionnaire before attempting the games on program 2.

Program 2

Once the program has loaded, you will see the following screen:

The program is divided into six sections. Before going through each section more fully, you may find the following notes helpful:

  1. You should choose the relaxation section (option 6) first, as the best results have been found to occur when you are in your most relaxed frame of mind.
  2. Sections one to four are games and test your psi ability in different ways.
  3. The games sections are followed by a history section (option 5) where you can set up a file to save the results of the games for long term testing.

    For this you will need a separate cassette, or disk, for each person who wishes to set up a file.

    Note: Only in this section do you have the option to save the results of the games.

  4. The games require you to move about the screen to make various selections and you have the option to use either a joystick, if you have one, or the cursor keys in combination with the SPACE bar.

Games 1 and 2: Card Games

In game 1 you have to guess the suit of a series of ten cards presented to you on the screen. Make your selection by positioning the arrow with the SPACE bar and pressing RETURN or by using the joystick to position the arrow and pressing the fire button.

This is a 1 in 4 test, so if you score over 25% your score is above average. Over one game, this does not mean anything. However, if you consistently score above the average over a series of games, this may indicate some psychic ability. So you make at least 50 guesses.

At the end of the game your results are displayed - your score is given together with an analysis of the measure of psi ability, if any, that you have shown. If appropriate, advice is given on how to achieve the mood most conducive to psi experience.

Game 2 also uses a pack of cards in which you have to determine the colour of a series of ten cards. Make your selection for the colour in the same way as in game 1. This is a 1 in 2 test.

Games 3 and 4: Grid Games

If you select either game 3 or game 4, there is a further option to select - whether you wish to test for clairvoyance or precognition.

Clairvoyance is the ability to determine the outcome of events which have already occurred. Precognition is the ability to see into the future - to foretell the outcome of an event which has not yet occurred.

If you choose clairvoyance, the computer will choose the positions of the targets before you make your choice. If you choose precognition, you make your choice first, then the computer decides where the targets are to be.

Game 3 - Psi Psubs

You are presented with a 5 by 4 grid on which 10 submarines are hidden (i.e. a 1 in 2 test). You have a sight which can be moved around the grid with the cursor keys, or with a joystick, if you have one. When you think that you have positioned the sight over a submarine, press the SPACE bar or the fire button on the joystick, to fire at the submarine. If you have hit one, it will explode, otherwise your shell will land in the water with a splash.

Game 4 - Find the face

This game is a variation on the Psubs game for those of a non-violent disposition. The aim of the game is to find the ten hidden smiling faces on the grid.

Section 5 - History

Section 5 is the option which enables you to test your psi ability over a period of time. It stores a history file on cassette which keeps details of your mood, state of relaxation and the time of day when you sat each test, together with your score for each test. This enables you to build up an overall picture of your psychic abilities over a large number of tests, which would be necessary to make any meaningful interpretation of the results.

To start a history file, choose option 5 from the Main menu. You will be asked to enter your name, which then becomes your filename and must therefore be typed in the same way every time. You can type in up to seven characters in lower case only, using full stops and dashes if you wish, but not spaces. The program asks you if you wish to load an existing file. As this is your first time, type N but on any subsequent occasion type Y. This is followed by questions on your mood and the time of day in which you are making your test. A second menu is then displayed.

Choose any of the games 1-4 and on completion, the result will be displayed in the same way as before and you will be returned to the history menu. You can choose to do as many of each game as you wish before selecting either option 5 or 6. Option 5 will give you a bar chart of all your results to date.

The position of the arrow shows how far your scores have deviated from that expected by chance (mid-point) towards either positive or negative psi ability. The positive and negative sections indicate either 'some', 'good' or 'excellent' ability.

Selection of option 6 will return you to the Main Menu after showing you the bar chart again. Follow the instructions on screen for saving your results and remember to use a blank cassette or a newly formatted disk. If you wish to keep a number of history files, e.g. for different games or for different people, make sure you use a different cassette or disk each time.

Section 6 - Relaxation

The relaxation routine presents you with a series of images and sounds designed to help you achieve a relaxed state of mind which will make you more receptive to psi stimuli.

You will be asked to enter your pulse rate (recorded over 30 seconds) before the session begins.

If you have never taken your pulse before, it's really quite simple. Place one or two fingers of one hand (not the thumb) on the outer edge of the wrist of your other hand, positioning them at the point where you can feel a regular beat beneath the skin - this is your pulse beat. Alternatively, your pulse can be felt at your temple or under your chin, almost directly below your ear. Tilt your head back slightly to make it easier to detect.

When you have found your pulse, start counting as soon as you press the SPACE bar. Stop counting and enter the number of beats when instructed. The timing and calculation of your pulse rate is done for you.

Now just sit comfortably and watch the screen. The bleep you will hear is timed to match your pulse rate and it reduces by approximately 10 beats over the 3 minute duration of the session. This induces your body to reduce its pulse rate in line with the bleeps and therefore produce a more relaxed state. The lower your pulse rate, the more relaxed you are. You should carry out this, or some other form of relaxation, before every psi testing session.


Cover Art Language(s): English
Compatibility: BBC Model B, BBC Model B+, BBC Master 128, Acorn Electron
Release: Professionally released On Cassette
Original Release Date: 1st May 1985
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Know Your Own Psi-Q (Cassette)
Know Your Own Psi-Q (5.25" Disc)