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John Hudson & Helen Seymour

Cover Art

Blue Dragon

Blue Dragon

Blue Dragon

"Definitely superior to earlier MP adventures and of about average difficulty."
Electron User


According to legend, somewhere there lies a fabulous treasure guarded by a ferocious Blue Dragon.

Your quest in this adventure game is to find the treasure and avoid a fiery end!! But first, you must journey far into an unknown land where death may be your only reward!!!

I understand words describing places, actions and things.
To move, type something like GO SOUTH; directions such as northeast must be given as NE.
If you want the description of a location type LOOK.
To list you possessions type LIST.
Some objects can be worn as well as carried.
You may find that magic will help you in your quest. But, beware, it tends to be unreliable.
If you want to save a game, type SAVE.
To restart a game, load and run the program as usual, type LOAD and the old game will be reloaded.

The object of the game is to recover the treasure, although you will be awarded 10 points for each monster you manage to destroy.

To find out your score at any time type SCORE.

Good luck - You will need it!


Cover Art Language(s): English
Compatibility: Acorn Electron
Release: Professionally released On Cassette
Original Release Date: 17th Nov 1984
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Cover Art


Blue Dragon (Cassette)
Blue Dragon (5.25" Disc)