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John Hudson & Helen Seymour

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In this unusual adventure game, you are shipwrecked on a tropical island. Can you survive and escape back to civilization? All sorts of perils await you, from cannibals to wild animals. Try it if you dare!

The Game

The year is 1910. You were sailing on an antiquated tramp steamer bound for Borneo, when there was an explosion in the engine room. The ship sank. Your objective is to achieve a high score, survive and return to civilisation or to find eternal happiness.

Playing The Game

The computer acts as your eyes and hands. It tells you where you are and what is happening; you must tell it what to do by typing a command of one or two words. For example, if you find an object that you want to pick up, type TAKE followed by the object name. If you want to move, give the direction you want to go (Directions such as SOUTHEAST must be given as SE to distinguish them from SOUTH).

Some of the objects are completely useless whilst others may have more than one purpose - that is for you to find out.

Useful Words

Many of the commands you will have to discover for yourself, but some of the more general ones are given here:

To move, try one of the points on a compass or something like UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, ENTER.

To get or drop a knife, try GET KNIFE, TAKE KNIFE or DROP KNIFE.

To list your possessions type LIST. You may find that some objects can be worn as well as carried.

Typing HELP or GAME at any time may give you more information. If you want to save a game and return to it later, insert a suitable tape and type SAVE. Part of the database will be recorded and the game will then continue. To restart a game, Survivor should be loaded and run as usual; the data tape should then be inserted and the command LOAD given. The data will be loaded and the game will recommence.

To end the game, type QUIT.


To find out your score at any time, type SCORE. As you progress through the game you will be awarded points as you overcome certain obstacles.



The program takes about six minutes to load.


Cover Art Language(s): English
Compatibility: Acorn Electron
Release: Professionally released On Cassette
Original Release Date: 24th Mar 1984
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Survivor (Cassette)
Survivor (5.25" Disc)