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John Hudson, Victor Harrison, Helen Seymour & Brian Fanton

Cover Art

Woodland Terror

Woodland Terror

Woodland Terror

"A competent piece of programming but for the complete novice only."
Electron User


Many ages ago an intrepid adventurer journeyed into Firienwood on a quest to find the Golden Bird Of Paradise. Our hero succeeded, but he also released an evil Genie from a lamp, who now persecutes the local inhabitants.

Your task is to find the lamp and re-imprison the Genie, thus releasing an unhappy land from tyranny!!!

You may receive help along the way - but remember that not everyone you meet is friendly!!

I understand words describing places actions and things.
To move, type something like GO SOUTH; directions such as northeast must be given as NE.
If you want the description of a location type LOOK.
To list your possessions type LIST.
Some objects can be worn as well as carried.
If you want to look at something more closely type EXAMINE, followed by the object name.
If you want to save a game,type SAVE, to restart a game, load and run the program as usual, type LOAD and the program will reload the data file.
The object of the game is to return the evil Genie to the lamp, although you will be awarded points for any acts of selfless bravery - provided you live to tell the tale!!!!!!!

To find out your score at any time type SCORE.

Good Luck - It's been nice knowing you!


Cover Art Language(s): English
Compatibility: Acorn Electron
Release: Professionally released On Cassette
Original Release Date: 1st Nov 1984
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Cover Art


Woodland Terror (Cassette)
Woodland Terror (5.25" Disc)