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The Banished Prince

The Banished Prince

The Banished Prince


One day, you are sitting at home pondering your latest set of history homework (which is not your favourite subject, but has to be completed by Monday, or else!!!).

You boringly thumb through the pages of your old text books searching for anything you can find on your assigned topic, WENYLEAD KINGDOM.

After reading numerous books, and several hours later, you sit there scratching your head. It's no good you say to yourself. There s nothing here on this subject. What am I going to do?

Then you get an idea - The Library. They must have something on it there. So off you go.

On entering the library you see all the different sections - Art, Science, Sport, Science Fiction... Great, you think, what a way to spend a Saturday. Then you see what you're after - The History Section.

You start looking at all the titles under W for Wenylead. Nothing. O.K. you say, maybe it's under K for Kingdom. Again nothing. This is stupid.

After a while you give up and start to leave the library. As you pass the Science Fiction section on your way out,you see an old, white-haired man, dressed in dark clothing, clutching an old book.

The man looks at you, hands you the book, then walks out. The book has an old leather binding, and the pages are all tattered.

You reach up to replace the book on the shelf, and notice the title, Wenylead Castle. This is too good to be true. You sit down in a quiet corner and gingerly open the cover of the book and begin to read.

The story tells of a young Prince, banished from his land, accused of stealing some of the King's treasures. His task was to find the treasures and return them to the King, so that he may once again return to his native land and regain his noble title.

As you continue to read, your eyes feel tired and your head starts to spin. It is as if your mind is being drawn into the book. Your head slumps forward onto the desk and everything starts to go dark.

Just before you black out, you hear a voice whisper, "The only way you may return is to recover the seven stolen items and somehow return them to the King. This is the only way back to life as you once knew it."

When you regain conciousness you find yourself in a......

Well I think we had better load the main game to find that out.

Good luck!

Game Controls

This game has been designed to be as user friendly as possible. When typing in a direction, simply type N for North S for South and so on. When entering any other commands, it is only necessary to enter the first three letters of each word.


Compatibility: Acorn Electron
Release: Professionally released On Cassette
Original Release Date: 1st Jan 1984
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The Banished Prince (Cassette)
The Banished Prince (5.25" Disc)