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Xanagrams combines the fun of hangman with the mental stimulation of anagrams and crosswords. Xanagrams contains over 500 different words, the number of permutations is therefore incalculable!


  1. When the words have been loaded, you will be asked which level of play you require. There are 3 levels:-

    Level 1 is set for junior school children;
    Level 2 is for the senior school child;
    Level 3 is for adults and brighter children.

  2. Select the level of play by pressing 1, 2 or 3.
  3. Having chosen the level of play the program will ask you how many words you require (1 to 5). If more than one word is chosen, the words will be linked like a crossword. Obviously the more words you choose, the more challenging the game! Select the number by pressing the relevant key.
  4. The Xanagrams screen will then be displayed. The words will be laid out as a series of boxes. You have to guess which letter goes in each box. This is done by simply pressing the relevant alphabetic key.
  5. On the right of the screen are all the letters that go to make up the words.
  6. When a correct letter is chosen it will appear in the appropriate box, disappear from the list on the right and you will score 30 points. If you make an incorrect choice you will lose 5 points and the letter in the table on the right will change from upper case to lower case.
  7. You can move the cursor about by using the cursor keys on the right of the keyboard. If you move the cursor before finding the correct letter, the letter table is restored to upper case.
  8. If you are stuck then by pressing 'f1' that letter is revealed but you will lose 50 points, or 100 points if it is the first letter of a word.
  9. If you are totally defeated and wish to end the game, press 'f3' followed by letter 'Y' and the remaining letters will be displayed.
  10. If you wish to avoid disturbing other people then you can turn the sound off by pressing function key 'f5'. The sound can be restored by pressing key 'f5' again.


700 Stay in after school
800 Extra homework please
900 Are you paying attention?
1000 Not bad
1100 Improving
1200 Excellent
Over 1200 You may go to the top of the class and give out the pencils at playtime!


Cover Art Language(s): English
Compatibility: Acorn Electron
Release: Professionally released On Cassette
Original Release Date: 1st Jan 1984
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Xanagrams (Cassette)
Xanagrams (5.25" Disc)