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Graphs Maths Tutor

Graphs Maths Tutor

Graphs Maths Tutor

"The program will be very useful at 'O' level up to post 'A' level work."
A&B Computing

"Any student from O level to post A level will find this suite of programs an ideal complement to both private study and revision."
Electron User

"Graphics are well presented giving instant response."
Home Computing Weekly


GRAPHS MATHS TUTOR is a suite of five programs written by a Senior Lecturer in mathematics for use by students studying GCE courses at O and A Levels, or an equivalent syllabus.

These programs have been comprehensively tested on a wide cross-setion of students during a period of over a year.

GRAPHS MATHS TUTOR consists of the following programs:

  1. A versatile curve sketching program which allows the user to plot any curve, including trigonometric functions and curves with asymptotes.
  2. A parametric curve sketching program which allows the user to plot any parametric curve written in terms of parameters for X and Y. These curve sketching programs feature:
    • Choice of quick plot or detailed plot
    • Automatic scaling of axis
    • Ability to change initial values and replot curves
  3. An interactive, multiple choice program giving practice in the recognition of trigonometric curves.
  4. A multiple-choice tester for the recognition of straight line equation.
  5. A multiple-choice tester for the recognition of quadratic and cubic curves. These programs feature:
    • Random question selection to avoid repetition
    • Increasing level of difficulty as test progresses
    • Percentage score on completion of test
    • Revision list of incorrect answers on completion of test

The package is supplied with comprehensive documentation, including a sample program-run illustrating all the program's facilities and a function study sheet listing important curves for student study.

Programs are supplied on cassette, but can be transferred to disc and will run without modification.


Cover Art Language(s): English
Compatibility: BBC Model B, BBC Model B+, BBC Master 128, Acorn Electron
Release: Professionally released On Cassette
Original Release Date: 1st Jul 1984
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Graphs Maths Tutor (5.25" Disc)
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