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"The graphics are excellent and music in tune."
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Can you halt the progress of the evil empire as it conquers country after country. Your computer controls the empire's armies with variable strategy and skill. You must conquer the world...but remember, the empire has the same goal and none of human compassion and weakness!

The Elect Empire is a ruthless, aggressive power, intent on conquering the world through an uncompromising strategy of relentless attacking. You control the defending armies and, although you may not be as strong as the Empire, you may win through cunning and tactical thinking. The world is divided up into 39 territories, grouped within 5 continents (North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australasia). At the start of the game, you and the Elect are given 39 armies each, with 39 neutral armies.


All necessary instructions for the game are displayed in the 'comment line' at the bottom of the screen. All scoring and indicators appear in the 'scoring lines' above.

First, select the difficulty level. You then indicate if a black and white TV set is being used. Level 1 is the Elect Empire at its weakest and level 8 at its strongest. Now follow the instructions on screen paying attention to the 'comment line'.

Neutral armies :
39 neutral (yellow) armies are assigned, grouped into 13 territories.

Choose Territories :
The green 'cursor' will skip between territories. The red arrows pinpoint the current position as a further aid. You must select 13 (green) territories by pressing the space bar when the cursor falls on your chosen territory. The Elect Empire will do the same. This carries on until all 39 territories are allocated. Note that the Elect (red) territories flash to cyan to aid identification.

Allocate Armies :
The right hand column of the scoring lines indicates that there are 26 armies for you and the Elect (ELE) to "ALloCate". To do so, select your territory using the space bar when the blue 'cursor' lands on it. The red arrows will help you to follow the cursor.

How many armies :
Now you must allocate armies to this territory (any number between 1 and 9). When you have used up all your army allocation it is the Elect's turn to allocate armies.

Elect armies :
The Elect will now assign armies throughout its occupied territories. If you now look at the 'scoring lines', you will see that you and the Elect have 39 "ARMies" each within 13 countries. The remaining columns are "C", which tells you how many compete continents are occupied (every complete continent grants 5 extra armies to allocate) and "VIC", which indicates victories (each victory grants an extra army to allocate).

Elects attack :
The Elect Empire will now start attacking. A battle is over and a victory won, if either of the status figures drops to zero. If the attack figure drops to zero, the Empire has lost the battle and it is your turn to attack. If the defend figure drops to zero, the Elect Empire moves in armies to occupy the territory and continues attacking. Press Space Bar. It is now your turn. But be warned ... if you don't press the Space Bar for 20 seconds, control passes back to the Elect.

Allocate armies :
You are given armies to allocate. The number depends on the number of countries and continents you occupy and the cumulative number of victories to your credit. Allocation of armies is as before.

Your attack :
You may attack Empire countries or neutral countries. Press the Space Bar when you have decided which territory to attack from (follow the blue cursor); the cursor will then move around all territories that you have allowed to attack (If there are none, then you must re-select the attacking territory). The top of the screen will also indicate the number of armies in each hostile territory. Press the space bar to attack and watch the 'comment line' to see how you are doing. If you are losing and wish to withdraw your forces before it is too late, press the Space Bar again.

How many armies :
If victory is yours you can move between 1 and 9 armies to occupy the territory (press a number key). If you moved 9 armies across, you are asked "MORE Y/N". If you have only one army left, the judge grants you an extra army.

Attack Y/N :
Type "Y" to continue attacking. If "N" is typed, control is passed to the Elect Empire.

The winner of Empire is whichever empire (yours or Elect's) completely destroys the other (neutral countries are not included).


Cover Art Language(s): English
Compatibility: Acorn Electron
Release: Professionally released On Cassette
Original Release Date: 3rd Apr 1984
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