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Mystery Of The Java Star

Mystery Of The Java Star

Mystery Of The Java Star

"An excellent educational program with something of interest to kids of all ages, including big ones."
Electron User

"Ruined by part four, falls into the same league as Pettigrew's Diary. Not recommended and will probably very rarely be completed."
Electron User Group

"Exceptional value for money and, unlike short action games, the work involved is likely to take a number of days if not weeks."
Home Computing Weekly


"A comprehensive four part educational adventure. Ideal fun for all the family. In high resolution graphics and text."

100K adventure packed with puzzles, challenges and interesting facts. With three levels of difficulty and a score table at the end.

You have discovered an old map and a ship's log book indicating the existence of magnificient treasures (including a mysterious Java Star) aboard an 18th century sailing ship that sank in the Caribbean. You must organise an expedition, gathering resources and information, before making your perilous journey across the Atlantic...

The Mystery Of The Java Star

This is an adventure in four parts, each of which loads separately. You may only progress to Part 2 when Part 1 has been successfully completed, and similarly with subsequent parts. You may, however, save the completion of Part 1 and/or Part 2, and start the adventure again from either of these positions on a later occasion. To do this you will need a spare blank cassette to act as the 'save tape'.

There are three levels of difficulty for the adventure, from which you choose one at the outset, and there are three different locations one of which is chosen at random, so that you are likely to undertake different adventures on each occasion you play.

The purpose of the adventure is to find the wreck of a ship which sank in 1767 in an unknown location, to search the wreck and recover a quantity of gold and a mysterious ruby called the Java Star, which has some strange properties. You finance your expedition with a sum of money at the outset and, as you spend money as you go along, more if you need a lot of help and less if you are more skilful and independent. In Parts 1 and 2 you have to gather together information and a map, and a notepad is useful to record the information as you assemble it. In Part 3 you have to use this information to locate the part of the world in which the ship was sailing, and then find the island near which it sank. In Part 4 you must find the location of the wreck, and then, using diving equipment which gives you enough air for ten minutes per dive, make a real time search of the wreck. You must take care not to run out of air before etting back to the surface for a new tank or to let yourself be trapped below decks by the hatches closing behind you.

If you find the ruby, you then have to make some decisions to solve the mystery. At the end of the game, scores for your performance in the skills used at various stages of the adventure are given.

The action codes used for playing each part are set out below.

Game Controls

Part 1, Bristol
Sections 1 and 2
Press: Letter (A to F) followed by Number (1 to 7) for each pair of sections to be exchanged H for Help
Part 2, London
Press: SPACE to identify location and stop the running menu. Also to restart the menu.
Part 3
Map, Press: Letter (A to K) followed by
Number (1 to 9) to identify area to be searched.
Islands, Press: C - to continue.
R - to change orientation; D will appear alongside R.
N, S, W or E for direction towards which you want to fly.
Z - to enlarge - followed by Number of Island (1 to 4).
F - to signify found.
M - to examine map.
R - to return from map.
Part 4
The Island, Press: ARROW KEYS - to move boat.
SPACE - to identify close objects.
The Wreck, Press: ARROW KEYS - to move diver (red cursor).
SPACE - to identify close objects - ? - requests an action.
U or D - for up or down steps.
U - if on top deck, return to surface.
O - open (Most objects have to be opened before contents can be shown).
C - continue.

If the diver is at the surface:
S - to stay.
D - to dive again.


Cover Art Language(s): English
Compatibility: Acorn Electron
Release: Professionally released On Cassette
Original Release Date: 1st Jan 1985
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Mystery Of The Java Star (Cassette)
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