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Steve Maltz

Cover Art

Operation Safras

Operation Safras

Operation Safras

"The adventure claims to be a sequel to Pettigrew's Diary but bears little similarity to that other Shards classic, either in make-up or plot."
Electron User


"A fully illustrated spy adventure set in modern day Britain. You must rescue your five fellow agents captured and hidden in secret hideaways about the country, then search for the mysterious Safras Sword."

Your name is Rupert James Pettigrew. Your occupation, chartered accountant in the City of London. No particular vices or discernible marks. Single, aged 31, avid stamp collector... In fact, a totally boring individual.

Sleeper Awaken!

07.45am 3/6/86
Jeffrey Archer novel in your raincoat pocket, soggy cheese sandwiches in your briefcase, you cross the early morning traffic to reach the beckoning entrance of the Underground station. Yet you never reach there... Not yet, anyway!

08.50am 3/6/86
You finally reach the station, a nagging empty feeling in your mind. In a daze you reach for your wallet as you approach the queue (not as long as usual?), but then mechanically, as if directed, you walk past the ticket office into a dark corridor. At the end of the corridor is a disused life, barely illuminated. A man stands in the shadows...

Playing The Game

The aim of the adventure is to rescue your five fellow agents and then use the information gathered to find the Safras Sword. Your score (maximum 20) will indicate your success at any point. This game will recognise a vocabulary of over 150 words. For simplicity the following actions are simplified as single letter inputs:

T - travel (only way to move between towns)
N, S, E, W - Compass directions
L - Look
I - Inventory
Q - Quit

Also the commands LOAD, SAVE and SCORE are self-explanatory. Otherwise twoword inputs are used, i.e. ACTION OBJECT (RETURN) e.g TAKE BOOK.

Points To Note

1. You are supplied with a credit card and an unlimited rail ticket, so there is no need to worry about living costs.
2. All locations (BBC version) are illustrated. Some screens provide clues.
3. You have an adversary in the game. Take heed!


The first six players who return us the code word at the end of the game will be immortalised as a real character in our next adventure release.

Many thanks to Incentive Software and their ADVENTURE CREATOR utility, without which this adventure would not have been possible.


Cover Art Language(s): English
Compatibility: Acorn Electron
Release: Professionally released On Cassette
Original Release Date: 1st Feb 1987
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Operation Safras (5.25" Disc)