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D. Shuker

Cover Art

Super Fruit

Super Fruit

Super Fruit

"A very well-written game."
A&B Computing

"I was highly impressed by the quality of this program, which is by far and away the best adaptation I have seen on the fruit machine theme."
Electron User

"Certain to be played for hours irrespective of age or financial standing."
The Micro User


He reached deep into his pocket and pulled out his last coin, his last chance of winning back the fortune he'd lost. With a quickening heart he fed the gaping mouth of the machine, and the reels span for him.

The first reel stopped with a mechanical click: a plum, and his gaze shifted instantaneously to the second reel. In the fleeting moments that followed, a wave of emotions flooded over him as he saw at the top of the second reel a plum, descending towards the win-line, down, down and - oh! - his heart sank as it passed the line and the reel stopped on a bell.

Downcast and resigned to his ill luck he turned away before the other two reels settled. Suddenly sound richocheted from the walls around him, shaking him out of his lethargy. He looked back and - joy of joys! - the nudge box held four nudges!

His hand reached out for the nudge control as he scanned the reels. In seconds he had a win-line of four acorns. The machine sprang to life, lights flahed and peals of notes cascaded from its speaker as it offered to gamble his win.

He had already decided to collect the win and count his losses when his hand, with a will of its own, reached out for the gamble control. One, two, three - Heaven - four BBCs settled on the win-line and as the supergamble lights and sound came on, a crowd of people gathered round him. Here was his big chance to try for the jackpot, the big time. It was now or never, all or nothing.

His heart jumped as he reached for the gamble control, and the noise and numbers swirled around him like a mist. When to press the control. Now? Now? Then, suddenly he felt deep in his gut that this was the moment and, in that split-seconds, he slammed his hand down on the control. For a second, perfect quiet suffused his brain - then from his own throat he heard a raucous "YEEEEEEEEEAH" and he was lifted shoulder-high as the machine belched out its bellyful of gold.

Further instructions are displayed on screen before the main program loads in.


Sound, spinning reels, hi-res, full colour graphics, five row by four column display of fruit, win-line, "bounce" as each reel settles, nudge box, nudge, gambles, two way nudges, swap reels, hold reels, collect win, gamble win, "loser's gamble" if the first gamble is lost, Supergamble for the jackpot, and a coin pile that shrinks and grows with your winnings.


Cover Art Language(s): English
Compatibility: BBC Model B, BBC Model B+, BBC Master 128, Acorn Electron
Release: Professionally released On Cassette
Original Release Date: 1st Oct 1984
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Super Fruit (5.25" Disc)