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A. J. Turner

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"If you're looking for something different which will appeal to all the family, Trafalgar fits the bill."
Electron User

In this game you are firstly Admiral of the Fleet, when your strategy controls the action, then secondly as a battle captain slogging it out with a French or Spanish man of war! Cannonballs smash the hulls and tear holes in the sails! Magazines can be lit, the vessel exploding into fragments before sinking! Fireships drift towards you! Flags are struck and prizes taken!

Two players or one against the computer.

When the plan view of both fleets unfolds, use the SPACE BAR to suggest the next engagement or SHIFT to manoeuvre the lines of battle.

The winner of the last engagement selects the next by pressing his FIRE key.

A sea level view of the shop to ship fight will then be shown.

British: Key A
French: Key L

Gun elevation is affected by wind direction, and strength, desk height, and distance. Keys are:

British: S - Up, X - Down
French: K - Up, M - Down

Joysticks will also operate on the BBC version.

The number of Broadsides for each ship is controlled by the computer - you fire only when your elevation indicator flashes.

A 3-decker (60 guns) will fire three broadsides in succession and a two decker (40 guns) will fire two. If a gun deck is hit, 20 guns are put out of action. When all guns are gone, after taking a few more hits the flag is struck and the ship surrenders - a longboat arrives from the victorious man of war to take command.

The upwind vessel can launch one fireship which will drift downwind and explode when it reaches the enemy. It can, however, be hit whilst too near to its mother ship!!

British: Key W
French: Key I

The battle is over only when all the enemy fleet has been captured or destroyed! Good luck!!


Cover Art Language(s): English
Compatibility: Acorn Electron
Release: Professionally released On Cassette
Original Release Date: 1st Oct 1984
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Trafalgar (5.25" Disc)