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Zombies Ate Our Roadies

Zombies Ate Our Roadies

Zombies Ate Our Roadies

The Game

You have eagerly awaited this day for so long! Your favourite band, The British IBM, are on a world tour! You have managed to get a ticket to see them on Trubell Island, somewhere in deepest South America.

Once you land, you head over to your hotel. The taxi weaves in and out of traffic and you're amazed at how busy this little island is. Everywhere, people are congregating and you pass more than one street brawl.

This is a violent city! You're glad you pre-booked your hotel. Ambulances are busy and police cars speed about. How do they live like this?!

At your hotel, you check in and once in your room fall straight asleep to the sounds of car alarms and sirens.

The Adventure

During your adventure, the Electron will do the best it can to tell you where you are and what you can see. There will usually be choices of a direction to move in (North, South, East, West, Up, Down, etc), and you can simply press the first letter (N, S, etc). In fact, most commands can be happily abbreviated to the first four letters.

You can check your SCORe, display your INVEntory, LOOK around; maybe even LISTen or TALK.

Some items that you PICK UP or GET will need to be USEd in other places - but some items simply increase your score.

You can SAVE and LOAD your progress.

There are other commands you will figure out as you play...

Experiment and, above all, have fun!

You know that the gig will go ahead, whatever happens...

Get out there and find that retro-indie sound!




Compatibility: Acorn Electron
Release: Professionally released On Cassette
Original Release Date: 27th Sep 2017
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Zombies Ate Our Roadies (Cassette)