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Michael Jakobsen

Cover Art




"On the whole, one of the best pieces of software to date."
A&B Computing

"By a crafty bit of Scandinavian programming, all the excellent eight-colour graphics are squashed into only 15K, leaving plenty of memory free for all the locations and characters you'll encounter as you play Superior's game."
Acorn User

"Game of the year, for me."
Electron User

"The game is well programmed, with excellent graphics and sound."
The Micro User

Game Objective

Marduk the Dictator has established a base in an old deserted castle. His slaves have built a teleport which will soon be used to transport the alien invasion force from the planet Codar to Earth. Your mission is to destroy the teleport system before it is too late.

You must find and bring the five crystals to the temple on the island (thus activating the teleport system), teleport yourself to the alien planet, and bring back the bejewelled figurine which you will find in Marduk's palace. When this is brought back to Earth a field of antimatter will obliterate the teleport system and the invasion will be averted!

The Adventure

You start in the "Main Hall" with 150 energy units. You can carry up to two objects at once. At the top of the screen is the name of the room and space for two objects. Below this is the number of energy units remaining, your score and the room co-ordinates relative to the "Main Hall".


Keys open doors of the same colour. If you have the correct key both door and key disappear. To assist those with black and white televisions, a letter appears at the top of the screen to aid identification.


Only those objects found on coloured bases can be picked up. These include: Egyptian statues, crystals, iron bars, a barrel, an ice crystal, a trampoline, a cannonball, a bucket, etc. Some of these will disappear when they are used.


The tall, fearsome monks guard certain rooms. They can be dealt with by shooting a spell into their faces. This skill's soon mastered. However, the monks re-appear when you return again to that location.


Energy is gained by collecting flasks and solving puzzles. Energy is lost by firing spells, by colliding with adversaries and burning objects, and by spending too long underwater. One unit is lost every 25 seconds due to the radiation emerging from the crystals. If you are losing energy quickly, you will be magically transported to the point where you entered the room. With a few exceptions, all screens can be traversed without losing any energy. There are almost 1000 units to be collected, but only 300 units are needed to complete the game.


  • Draw a map and work out the most efficient way round. Collect all the flasks as they boost your energy substantially. Take your time and use PAUSE to plan your next moves.
  • Notice that you can move about while jumping. This may help you to jump higher on the trampoline.
  • You could start by collecting the crystal which can be seen in the room directly above the "Main Hall". But what should you do to appease the wolf guardians in the temple? You will see the answer along the way, but you will need to do something to this object before the wolves will accept it.
  • Finally, no object is useless! With the right amount of patience and skill you will eventually be rewarded with an impressive finale of sight and sound as the teleport system is destroyed.

Game Controls (Layout 1 of 4)

Z - Left, X - Right, * - Up, ? - Down
RETURN - Action: jump, pick up/drop object, push switch, increase climbing speed
SPACE BAR/SHIFT - Cast Spell, P - Pause, S/Q - Sound On/Off

While the game is paused, you can press J or K to select joystick or keyboard.

You can press ESCAPE to escape from danger. Holding ESCAPE ends the game. (Alternatively, you can use a switch-type joystick and the SPACE BAR).


Cover Art Language(s): English
Compatibility: Acorn Electron
Release: Professionally released On Cassette
Original Release Date: 10th Jan 1986
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