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Karate Combat

Karate Combat

Karate Combat

"I can't get very excited about these martial arts games, but nevertheless this version is as good as any I have seen."
Electron User


Set in the realm of the mystic Orient, Karate Combat pairs you, in thrillingly realistic battle, against 16 of the mightiest and most skilful exponents of "open-hand" fighting.

Each bout of Karate fighting lasts until one of the fighters has no energy remaining. The indicator on the top-right of the screen shows your energy. Your opponent's energy level is not shown, although at the start of each bout, the fighters' energy levels are equal. The score is shown at the top-left of the screen, and there are different scores for each manoeuver and for frequent changing of fighting style. Your aim is to defeat each opponent and ultimately battle against the 16th opponent The Master.

Practice Mode allows you to perfect your repertoire of manoeuvers. The 2-player mode allows you to play against a friend rather than competing against the computer.


Successful block 20
High punch 30
High kick 50
Low punch 50
Low kick 50
Flying kick 60
Back sweep 100

If a punch or kick is delivered accurately and is timed correctly, the score is doubled.

If a manoeuver is repeated too often, the judges will penalise the player by reducing his energy level.

Game Controls


Walk left <
Walk right >
Left roll X <
Right roll X >
Left jump S <
Right jump S >
Jump up S
Turn round SPACE
High punch A S
Low punch A X
Arm block A
High kick M
Low kick M X
Back sweep M <
Flying kick M S

(Facing to the right in 1-player mode). Press the keys simultaneously.

 	        2-Player Mode
 1-Player Mode     Left Man  Right Man
 LEFT ..................... <   C  Cursor Down
 RIGHT .................... >   V   COPY
 UP ....................... S   A    O
 DOWN ..................... X   Z    L
 HANDS .................... A   CTRL    I
 FEET ..................... M   X  Cursor Up
 TURN ................. SPACE   SPACE    ?

Q/W - Pause On/Off, f1/f2 - Sound On/Off

Joystick Controls

The game is compatible with the Electron First Byte Joystick Interface

   Jump Up      Flying Kick
Jump Left __ | __ Jump Right High Punch __ | __ High Kick
   \__ | __/      \__ | __/
   \|/       \|/
Walk Left ------+----- Walk Right Turn Left ------+----- Turn Right
   __/|\__      __/|\__
  __/ | \__     __/ | \__
Left Roll  |  Right Roll Low Punch  |  Low Kick
   Arm Block      Back Sweep



Cover Art Language(s): English
Compatibility: BBC Model B, BBC Model B+, BBC Master 128, Acorn Electron
Release: Professionally released On Cassette
Original Release Date: 1st May 1986
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Karate Combat (Cassette)
Karate Combat (5.25" Disc)
Karate Combat (3.5" Disc)