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Tim Tyler

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Repton 2

Repton 2

Repton 2

"Repton 2 is very challenging and those who found the original too easy will be pleased to know that this version certainly is not."
A&B Computing

"You win when you have collected thousands of bits of soil and diamonds and jigsaw pieces and also killed all the monsters and used all 64 transporters."
Acorn User

"Well worth buying - even for existing Repton owners, which is something that can rarely be said for sequels."
Computer Gamer


In order to complete Repton 2, you must:-

  1. collect all the 4,744 earth sections;
  2. collect all the 1,634 diamonds;
  3. kill all the 18 monsters;
  4. use all the 64 transporters;
  5. collect all the 42 jigsaw puzzle pieces; and
  6. collect the "finish character" which is positioned at the top right-hand corner of the first screen. We assure you that the game has been throughly tested to completion.

Each level requires you to solve a series of puzzles by determining your routes carefully. The puzzles are often craftily constructed, and some involve a time element. A rock or egg will fall if it is unsupported, and if a falling rock lands on you, it will kill you. Contact with the monsters, spirits, meteors or skulls is also fatal - you have three lives. There is no time limit to any section of the game.

Scattered through the 16 levels are all the jigsaw pieces of a 42-piece puzzle. When each piece is collected, it reappears at the bottom of the first screen. The completed puzzle reads "Repton 2 Is Ended".

The surface of the first screen cannot be accessed immediately because the way is blocked by five skulls. Five puzzle pieces are also inaccessible due to another five skulls. These skulls do, however, disappear. One pair disappears when each of the following is accomplished: collecting all the earth, collecting all the diamonds, killing all the monsters, using all the transporters, collecting 41 out of the 42 puzzle pieces. The surface of the first screen can then be reached and the 'finish character' collected.


The 16 levels are linked by transporters. Each transporter may only be used once, and it always transports to the same position on the same screen.

Eggs And Monsters

When an egg falls, it cracks upon landing and a monster emerges. The monsters are killed by falling boulders.


On many levels, there are up to eight spirits. Spirits always follow the walls to their left until they reach a cage. When a spirit enters a cage, it changes into a diamond. Therefore, to complete the game, you must also cage all the spirits. Spirits are normally immune to any falling object. However, it is sometimes possible to daze a spirit by collecting all the diamonds from directly around it or by dropping boulders onto it. This is to be avoided, as the spirit will then move endlessly in a small circle.


Meteors fall from above on six of the levels of play. Two other levels are also open to space, but no meteors fall from the sky.

Safes And Keys

Some diamonds are hidden in safes which can only be opened by locating and moving over a combination key. When a key is collected, all the safes on that level open to reveal their diamonds.


Each earth section scores 3, 4 or 5 points.
Each diamond scores 6 points.

The Competition

If you manage to complete Repton 2 , a congratulatory message will be displayed on the screen. To enter, you must send us a clear photograph of this screen.


  1. The closing date for receiving entries to the competition is 31st March 1986.
  2. All entries must be accompanied by the REPTON 2 COMPETITION COUPON which is printed by the side of these rules.
  3. All entries must clearly show the sender's name and address, age and T-shirt size (small, medium or large) and should be addressed to REPTON 2 COMPETITION, Superior Software Ltd, Regent House, Skinner Lane, Leeds LS7 1AX.
  4. The company's decision is final and no correspondence can be entered into.
  5. The competition is not open to the employees of Superior Software Ltd, the authors of Repton 2, their agents or their families.
  6. Please enclose an S.A.E. if you require a list of winners.

The Prizes

The first 100 correct entries received will win a beautifully designed "I've Completed Repton 2" cotton T-shirt. On 31st March 1986, a draw will be made of all the correct entries received. The winner of the draw will receive a prize of £200.

Game Controls

Z - Left, X - Right, * - Up, ? - Down
ESCAPE - Kill Yourself (Useful if you become trapped)
S/Q - Sound On/Off


Cover Art Language(s): English
Compatibility: Acorn Electron
Release: Professionally released On Cassette
Original Release Date: 1st Feb 1986
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