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Peter Scott

Cover Art

The Last Ninja

The Last Ninja

The Last Ninja

"Another winner from Superior and congratulations to Peter Scott for showing the world that the Beeb is capable of running exciting, graphically interesting and different games."
A&B Computing

Game Objective

The secrets of the Ninjitsu way had been jealously guarded for centuries, only once every decade were the scrolls seen at the ritual of the White Ninja.

None coveted these secrets more than the evil Shogun. Seizing the opportunity of the ritual he sprang a fiendish trap that destroyed the brotherhood, except for one...You, The Last Ninja.

Your sworn oath is to recover the scrolls, you travel to the mystical lands of the Shogun. Already his guards are mastering the ways of the Ninjitsu.

To reach the Shogun's Palace you must use all your weapon craft and fighting skills as you travel through dangerous wastelands, magnificent gardens then descend into the direst dungeons before the final confrontation . . . You cannot fail. You are The Last Ninja.


After two hundred years of Fujiwara Clan rule, whose lifestyle was the most extravagant of any Shogunate, the farmers and common men decided to leave their homes and travel to the Togakure mountains where they established the Ninjutsu, The Mystic Shadow Warriors.

Four centuries later the Ninjutsu had become the most feared warriors of their day, feared by even the most powerful Samurai. Their mastery of weapon-craft and mind-control, from the years of arduous training that forged mind and body into a death-dealing machine, ensured swift and complete victory over their enemies.

Kunitoki, the evil Shogun of the Ashikaga Clan, had long envied the powers of the Ninja brotherhood and would do anything to acquire their knowledge. To this end he has sworn an oath to their total destruction.

Once every decade all Ninjutsu must travel to the Island of Lin Fen where they pay homage to the shrine of the White Ninja and recieve further teaching from the Koga Scrolls.

Seizing the opportunity Kunitoki summonned forth all the spirits from the depths of the Nether World and flung their full force against the amassed Ninjutsu. None escaped the wrath of Kunitoki.

Nothing stood in the way of the Shogun achieving his ultimate goal, the knowledge of the Ninja.

He set sail for the island of Lin Fen with an elite force of his Palace Guards and Samurai Officers to begin the arduous training of his troops and thereby creating a new era of Ninja under his control.

Unknown to Kunitoki, Armakuni, the last Ninja, had escaped his wrath. When all his brethren had left for the pilgrimage he had been ordered to stay and guard the Bunkinkan Shrine. This tradition had existed since gthe dawn of the Ninja as a safeguard should any natural disaster befall the brotherhood when it amassed at Lin Fen.

Armakuni was not pleased he had been left alone for he was to be granted the next level of honour at the reading of the Scrolls; now he would have to wait.

Word soon reached Armakuni of the unnatural disaster that had slain his brothers and gathering all his courage he swore to wreak a terrible and bloody revenge on the Shogun and all his followers.

The island of Lin Fen is a natural fortress with unassailable cliffs surrounding its coast. Having visited the island when he was a young acolyte, he knew the secret passage that would lead him to the Palace of Lin Fen.

Armakuni's confidence was short lived as he discovered the pathways were not as he remembered them; what unforeseen hazards lay in wait for him?

Locations On Fen Island

  1. WILDERNESS. Many weapons and objects were left scattered around this level
  2. WASTELANDS. Dominated by the Lin Fen mountain range
  3. PALACE GARDENS. Hazardous with many ferocious guards
  4. DUNGEONS. A place of nightmares...difficult to get out
  5. PALACE, LOW LEVEL. Getting into the palace is the first problem, a small problem compared to what comes later...
  6. PALACE, THE INNER SANCTUM. Great sights in the Shogun's private rooms. Close to the final goal, although it is hidden from sight
Weapons - Numchukas, Shuriken Star, Smoke Bomb, Stick, Sword
Objects - Apple, Blood, Bottle, Claw, Glove, Gun, Key, Rope, Rose, Scrolls, Talisman.

The Status Area

The status area of the screen is broken into sections. The 'Enemy Wounds' display shows how effectively you are combating your opponents. The 'Using' display tells you the current weapon you are using. The 'Holding' display tells you which object you are holding. When you visit a shrine or drink from a fountain of knowledge, the items you are told to collect will be shown under the heading 'Find' below the 'Holding' display. In the bottom section of the status area is your overall 'Power' reserve.

Next to that, the weapons you have available are shown: larger sprites are used to show the weapons in this section, and in the 'Holding' display, than are used in the game area.


You begin play with three lives. If you manage to find an apple this will give you an extra life. If you start the second level with only one life then you will recieve another immediately. You also have the added opportunity of trying to find another apple. You will not automatically recieve any further lives in the later levels but there will be apples to be found giving you one extra life each.


Below are some basic hints and tips that will help you on your quest through the realm of the Last Ninja. Remember, as with all great adventures, things may not be what they seem and we have not given away too much.

The following points apply to all the different locations. It is important to make a detailed map of each level. This is essential because of the structure of the mazes and also to keep a record of where you'll find useful objects.

Finding weapons and objects is essential to your success. You will be told to collect many of the items when you visit a shrine or drink from a fountain of knowledge. When you are told to collect an item, it is usually to be found on the following screen.

To collect an object or weapon, search by crouching down and trying to pick it up. Once collected the object can be used at the appropriate time and place.

Most locations have a major hazard to prevent you continuing your quest and these are usually near the end of the level. Sometimes there may even be more than one.

It is important that you search screens thoroughly as there may be objects lying around that you haven't been told to collect, e.g. on top of rocks, etc.


In order to overcome certain hazards you will have to use Ninja Magic. This takes various forms, some of which you cannot see as they are hidden behind trees, rocks, in containers like boiling pots or they might literally be right under foot. This magic is picked up in the same way as any other object but nothing will be displayed in the Status Area. Instead, Ninja may display certain peculiarities but these are only short lived.

Finally, all the guards you will encounter are out to kill you and they will use lots of different weapons. There is nothing to stop you using any weapon in your arsenal against any guard but your effectiveness is increased if you use the same weapon as your opponent.

Game Controls

Z - Up-Left, ? - Down-Left, * - Up-Right, X - Down-Right
J - Small Jump, K - Medium Jump, L - Large jump

When not holding a weapon:
RETURN & Z - Pick Up, Crouch & Block, RETURN & ? - Kick
RETURN & * - Punch, RETURN & X - Pick Up, Crouch & Block

When using a sword, numchukas or stick:
RETURN & Z - Hit or Stab Across, RETURN & ? - Hit or Stab Down RETURN & * - Hit or Stab Up, RETURN & X - Hit or Stab Across

When using a Shuriken Star (or holding a throwable object):
RETURN & Z - Throw Left, RETURN & X - Throw Right

Note : You can keep the RETURN key depressed all the time in combat.

P - Pick Up, Crouch & Block, SPACE - Select Weapon, H - Hold Object
COPY/DELETE - Pause On/Off, S/Q - Sound On/Off, SHIFT-ESCAPE - Quit Game


Cover Art Language(s): English
Compatibility: Acorn Electron
Release: Professionally released On Cassette
Original Release Date: 7th Feb 1989
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The Last Ninja (Cassette)
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