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Jonathan Partington

Cover Art

Kingdom Of Hamil

Kingdom Of Hamil

Kingdom Of Hamil

"I was delighted to see this package and recommend it unreservedly... Making a careful map of this game is essential, and you can expect to expire frequently at various points in your quest."
The Micro User


About The Author...
Jonathan Partington, in his more serious moments, is a professional Pure Mathematician who teaches Maths in Cambridge college and is, he says, 'a popular and witty speaker'. En route to writing adventure games he achieved a certain notoriety in the field of Computer Poetry, and one of his computer sonnets, "How can the purple yeti be so red?" appeared in several anthologies of comic verse.

As is appropriate for a Mathematician, his adventures tend to have an inner logic of their own, although what it is, is not always immediately apparent to the player! There is an eager following for his games amongst the computing fraternity at Cambridge University, and they are rarely disappointed.

About The Adventure...
Night, blackest night. Bones weary after days and nights in the saddle. And always, always, at the back of your mind: Hamil.

Hamil: A land of sorcery and romance; of strange but loyal beings; of immense fountains, a castle, a museum filled with bizarre antiquities which only the King can put to use.

'Mine', you tell the damp walls of the primitive chapel, a place of temporary refuge from the hostile beings who've been following you for weeks, equally determined to be the new masters of the land you seek. 'All that - and more - should be mine.' For you are the rightful heir to the throne of Hamil. How unfortunate that you were stolen away as a child. And how splendid that you are, at last, setting out to reclaim your throne...

Slowly, like a black tide, comes sleep, blissful sleep, and you dream again of the legends that say one day you will return to claim your rightful inheritance...

GAME SIZE: Moderate, with many ususual puzzles.
RATING: Medium.

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GAME SIZE: Expansive, with a wide range and very high standard of problems. RATING: A real challenge.

All your life you'd known there was something special about you, that you were extra-ordinary in some way. When you were young you'd chanced to hear unbelievable rumours, and, sometimes, sinister strangers seemed to be watching you. Finally you found out just what was special about you: you were the rightful heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Hamil. But by then it was too late. You'd been kidnapped...

Years passed, and the rescue you dreamed of failed to materialise. Finally, older and stronger, you escaped and, riding a mighty black stallion, set out to reclaim your throne, travelling for many a day and night; through swamps, jungles and icy wastes; across deserts; knowing that for every step forward you took, your enemies would take two...

But luck was with you and, after many days in the saddle, you reached the neighborhood of your Kingdom, Hamil, and took shelter in a primitive chapel, desperately needing a good night's sleep before the next bizarre stage of your journey...

"Perhaps I was fated to come to this particular place," you told the damp walls of the chapel, as sleep, like a black tide, began to sweep over you, and you dreamed again of the legends that said that one day you would return to Hamil to claim your rightful inheritance...

Hamil - A land of sorcery and romance; of strange but loyal beings; of immense fountains; of castles; and a museum filled with bizarre antiquities which only a King could put to use. A land where the powers of darkness always threaten; of ancient and unusual mazes, constructed by powerful wizards in bygone days, waiting to ensnare even the most ingenious explorer. A land of mysterious beasts eager to exterminate you if you stay in the same place too long. Where a mighty vampire haunts underground caves. Where creatures wait, in deep and dismal pits, ready to grab the unwary passer-by. Where ancient spirits in huge rolling cornfields serve long-forgotten deities. Where something is spoken about only in hushed tones, something known only as the 'snark'...

And so the real adventure begins.

Waking, you find yourself trapped in the chapel. If you leave it, it is at your peril. The decision is yours. Perhaps the chapen is not all it seems, and you are closer to the land of Hamil than you first imagined. It may be worth your while to investigate further. Regaining Hamil will not be easy, and you will certainly have to be able to prove that you are who you say you are...

Hint Sheet

Kingdom Of Hamil comes with on-line help which you get into by typing HELP (RETURN). The program will halt and wait for you to type in a number so that it knows which 'hint' you want. You therefore need to know which numbers refer to which hints. The following pages of this Hint Sheet contain a series of questions that players typically ask, like 'How do I catch the jackdaw?'

Various 'key words' have been deleted from these questions - making it harder to accidentally see the solutions to other questions - and are reproduced below.

The numbers alongside the words refer to the questions. The number that follows each question is the number to key for that particular hint. Good luck!

BOOJUM               4   GROVE               14   PTERODACTYLES       26
BOOMERANG            5   HEXAPOD             15   PLAIN             2,27
CAVE                 6   HOBGOBLIN        16,37   ROCK              2,27
CHAPEL               7   INFORMATION         36   ROOM         3,9,13,36
CORNFIELD           20   JACKDAW             17   SLAB                28
CREATURE            24   LABYRINTH           18   SNARKS               4
DEPARTURE           19   LOUNGE              19   STATUE              29
DOOR                30   MAIZE               20   STEEL               30
DRAGON               8   MAZE             21,35   TAPESTRY            31
DUST                 9   MONEY               35   TREASURE            32
ENCHANTRESS         10   MONSTERS            18   TYRANOSAURUS        33
FARE                11   MURALS              22   VAMPIRE           1,34
FIRE                12   OBJECT              23   WALL                12
FISH           3,13,36   PIT                 24
FOREST               6   PORTCULLIS          25

  1  How do I kill the *******?                                       21
  2  How do I get back through the ***y *****?                        23
  3  How can I avoid the **** **** collapsing on me?                  28
  4  How do I avoid the ******?                                       17
  5  How do I avoid being killed by the *********?                    18
  6  How do I get into the **** in the ******?                        14
  7  How do I get out of the ******?                                   1
  8  How do I drive away the ******?                                  34
  9  What is the **** **** for?                                       22
 10  How do I avoid being killed by the ***********?                  31
 11  What do I need to pay the ****?                                   5
 12  How do I get past the **** of ****?                              29
 13  What can I do in the **** ****?                                  13
 14  What do I do in the sporific *****?                              10
 15  How do I stop the ******* from sobbing?                          16
 16  How do I avoid being killed by the *********?                    25
 17  How do I catch the *******?                                      11
 18  How do I get past the ******** in the *********?                 12
 19  What do I do in the ********* ******?                            35
 20  How do I survive in the *********?                               15
 21  How do I get through the **** of Hamil?                           4
 22  What is the significance of the ******?                           9
 23  What is a given ******?                                          36
 24  How do I avoid being killed by the ******** in the ***?          33
 25  How do I get past the **********?                                30
 26  How do I avoid being killed by the ************?                  8
 27  How do I navigate the ****y *****?                               19
 28  How do I get under the ****?                                      2
 29  How do I move the ******?                                        32
 30  How do I get past the ***** ****?                                 3
 31  How do I move the ********?                                      24
 32  I can't find all the ********!                                   37
 33  How do I escape from the ************?                            7
 34  How do I avoid being killed by the *******?                      20
 35  How do I collect all the ***** in the **** of Hamil?              6
 36  What use is the *********** I find in the **** ****?             27
 37  How do I kill the *********?                                     26
"KINGDOM OF HAMIL" (C) Dr Jonathan Partington. Pbh'ed by TOPOLOGIKA 1987


Cover Art Language(s): English
Compatibility: Acorn Electron
Release: Professionally released On 5.25" Disc
Original Release Date: 1st May 1988
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Kingdom Of Hamil (5.25" Disc)