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Jonathan Partington & Jon Thackray

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Spy Snatcher

Spy Snatcher

Spy Snatcher

"If you succeed, well, we'll all be very grateful and you'll probably end up with something in the New Year Honours list, plus a Licence to Maim, maybe even a Licence to Kill!"
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The object of Spy Snatcher is to identify and catch the 'Mole' (whose premises are known as 'The Zoo').

This person, last night sometime, removed the plans of the 'Sonic Macrothrodule' from the chief's safe, and is preparing to leak them to a hostile power (Ruritania). The chief, Sir Arthur Cayley, in co-operation with Superintendent Hardy of Special Branch, leaves you to explore The Zoo to see what evidence you can find.

Because everyone else is under suspicion, nobody must know that you are about - there will be trouble if you run into the security guard, or any personnel who happen to be working late!

Spy Snatcher is Thackray and Partington's best game yet. Inspired by that book, Spy Snatcher will keep you on the edge of your seat. And the edge of sanity too...


Spy Snatcher was written, designed and programmed by Jon Thackray and Jonathan Partington.

The game was written in 1988 following the publication of the book "Spy Catcher" by Peter Wright. Nothing and no-one in Spy Snatcher is intended to bear any resemblance to any of the characters in that book, whether living, dead, real or fictitious, sane or insane.

Jon Thackray and Jonathan Partington would like to thank all the (insane!) people who play-tested the early versions of Spy Snatcher including Richard Forster, Bob Redrup, Peter Killworth, David Seale, Richard Clayton and Topologika.

The Acorn versions would not have been possible without the dedicated work of Jon Thackray, who designed and wrote the playing system.

The Amstrad versions would not have been possible without the dedicated work of Richard Clayton of Locomotive Software, who wrote the playing system for Amstrad CPC, PCW and IBM versions.

Writing games like Spy Snatcher really is a labour of love. Countless hours have gone into the organisation of the game, the creation of it, and the testing. Please don't give copies away to your friends. Make them buy it, so that Topologika will be encouraged to release even more guaranteed graphic-free top quality classic text adventures!

Welcome agent number 3084. Do you want to be told the details of your mission? Y

You have been summoned to MI7 headquarters, popularly known as 'The Zoo' in order to unmask a mole.

The chief of MI7, Sir Arthur Cayley (known to his friends as 'Z') is extremely worried, because the plans for the new Sonic Macrothrodule are believed to have been leaked. They were kept in the safe in his office, and were there yesterday when he came in at 9 am; the safe had been disturbed when he checked it in the morning but the plans were still there. Z reckons that it would take at least an hour to remove the plans, copy them and return them.

With Cayley is Superintendent Hardy of Special Branch, who has been assigned to MI7 on special duties for some weeks.

"We're off for a drink in the 'Cloak And Dagger' now," says Z. "Take a look round. Because of your unofficial position we can't openly give you access to the files, but if I were you I'd start with my secretary's office while she's downstairs - she'll have details of my movements yesterday as well. You can probably rule out Newton, who is abroad, and Brauer, who's on holiday. Nobody else knows you're in the building now that a new Security guard has come on duty. The guard usually patrols at about 7pm. Don't let anyone see you, or you'll have to abandon the investigation. Come and find us if you think you have some useful information. Good luck!"

Cayley and Harrison are joined by a third person as they go down the stairs.

You are at the southern end of the first floor corridor, which seems to be fairly brightly lit throughout: for security purposes the lights seem to be fixed on at all times. Three doors confront you at this point, each bearing the names of their alleged occupants.

To the south, the notice says "Sir Arthur Cayley K.B.E. Head of Dept." To the west, a similar sign says "Miss Pell. Secretary." To the east, the notice says "Russell. Accounts."

There is a further corridor to the north, with several more closed doors leading off it. Which way will you go?

We assume that you already know how to play adventure games. (If this is your first game, write to Topologika for a free copy of the leaflet "What is an Adventure Game?" which shows you the sort of thinking you have to go through in order to get anywhere!)


The next few pages contain questions that even tough players ask (when they're stuck!) along the lines of 'What do I use the XXX for?'

If you really are stuck, you can find a hint number by looking up a particular clue. Once you know the number, type HELP (RETURN) at the prompt. The computer will ask you which number you want.

Type the number then press (RETURN). Once you've read that hint, the computer will ask if you want another Hint from that set, i.e. on the same topic. If you do, press Y (RETURN). If you don't, press N (RETURN) and you'll be dropped back into the game.

Each hint contains about three clues on the topic you've chosen.

How do I stop the tape from being erased? - Hint 1
How do I stop the tape from being erased before the information is gone? - Hint 2
How do I get information from the tape? - Hint 3
How do I open the safe? - Hint 4
How do I determine the code for the safe? - Hint 5
How do I avoid meeting the couple? - Hint 6
How do I use the terminal in Russell's room? - Hint 7
How do I long in to the computer in Russell's room? - Hint 8
What do I do when I've logged in to the computer in Russell's room? - Hint 9
How do I get into Burnside's office? - Hint 10
How do I avoid the guard when he comes up to the top floor? - Hint 11
What is the significance of the bin in Conway's office? - Hint 12
How do I use the terminal in Gibbs' office? - Hint 13
How do I log in to the computer in Gibbs' office? - Hint 14
How do I turn on the fire? - Hint 15
How do I find a password for the computer in Gibbs' office? - Hint 16
What do I do when I've logged in to the computer in Gibbs' office? - Hint 17
How do I avoid the guard when he comes downstairs? - Hint 18
How do I prevent Brauer's office from being locked up? - Hint 19
How do I open the chest in Brauer's office? - Hint 20
How do I open the safe in the archive room? - Hint 21
How do I get out of the archive room? - Hint 22
How do I get into Mrs Hamilton's room without being attacked by the dog? - Hint 23
How do I avoid making the guard suspicious after disposing of the dog? - Hint 24
How do I get out of the building? - Hint 25
How do I return upstairs past the guard? - Hint 26
Which key opens the door to Burnside's office? - Hint 27
How do I avoid tripping over in Burnside's office? - Hint 28
How do I get into Ramnaujan's laboratory? - Hint 29
How do I get downstairs after leaving Ramnaujan's laboratory? - Hint 30
How do I get back into the Zoo? - Hint 31
How do I see what's happening in Murchiston's office? - Hint 32
Can I do anything else in Murchiston's office? - Hint 33
How do I avoid the guard on leaving Mrs Hamilton's room? - Hint 34
How do I read what's on the disk? - Hint 35
How do I get out of the Zoo for the second time? - Hint 36
Who is the transmission from? - Hint 37
What do I do after leaving the Zoo finally? - Hint 38
How do I pay the taxi driver? - Hint 39
What do I do at the mole's house? - Hint 40
How do I decipher the secret message? - Hint 41
What do I do with the information on the sweet wrapper? - Hint 42
What do I do if the pub is closed? - Hint 43
What do I say to Cayley and Hardy when I meet them in the pub? - Hint 44
How do I use any specific object in the game? - Hint 45

Still Stuck?

Whilst we will always try to give telephone help with technical problems, we cannot tell you how to solve the puzzles. If, despite having tried the on-line help system, you're still well and truly stuck, drop us a line with a brief but complete description of your problem. We'll pass your letter on to Jon Thackray or Jonathan Partington who will respond in due course - but only if you enclose an SAE for their reply.


Cover Art Language(s): English
Compatibility: Acorn Electron
Release: Professionally released On 5.25" Disc
Original Release Date: 1st Oct 2000
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Spy Snatcher (5.25" Disc)