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Kevin Blake & Jason Sobell

Cover Art

Buffalo Bill's Rodeo Games

Buffalo Bill's Rodeo Games

Buffalo Bill's Rodeo Games

"Overall, the graphics are good and the sounds entertaining."
Acorn User

"Not only are the six events extremely playable, they are also crammed with sound effects and illustrated with some of the best colour displays I have ever seen on the Electron."
Electron User

"A product that further reinforces Tynesoft's mastery of this type of game. Yee-ha!"
The Micro User

"Buffalo Bill's Wild West Rodeo Show is the best multi-event game to hit the BBC Micro this year."
The Micro User


Compete in six stunning Rodeo Games Events in this impressive simulation which brings all the magic of the Rodeo Games to the computer screen!"

Trick Shooting

The object of this game is to shoot as many targets as possible until you either run out of ammunition or time. In the first half of the game, your targets are 'pop-up' western characters, such as gunfighters, sheriffs etc.

The second half of the game comprises of a man throwing bottles which spin in the air, these you shoot. Both the games scroll back and forth when you move your gunsight.

Game Controls
Z - Move target left, X - Move target right, * - Move target up, ? - Move target down
RETURN - Reload, SPACE - Reload when required

Knife Throwing

This game is set against the backdrop of an Indian Reservation. Among the teepees is an Indian brave, and a squaw on the rotating wheel. Points are scored for hitting the wheel and not the squaw!

Game Controls
Z - Move target left, X - Move target right, * - Move target up, ? - Move target down
RETURN - Throws knife

Bronco Riding

In this game, you must try to stay on a wild Bronco (horse) for one minute. The Bronco jumps, spins, kicks, etc. in an attempt to throw you off. Should you fail to keep your balance, then you are spectacularly thrown through the air, to land with a bump!

Game Controls
Use Z, X, *, ? to counteract horse motions i.e. opposite to direction shown by arrows.

Calf Roping

This game is set at a rodeo show. You must chase a calf across the arena with your lass spinning as you go. When you catch up with the claf, you throw the lasso round its neck and pull back to stop it. If you fail to pull back quickly enough then you are dragged from the horse and across the area! The view of the arena is from directly above.

Game Controls
Z - Moves roper left, X - Moves roper right, * - Moves roper up, ? - Moves roper down
RETURN - Throws Rope

Steer Wrestling

Set again in the rodea arena, this game is viewed from the side and above. You must chase a full grown steer on your horse. When reaching it, jump on it from your horse. If you manage to grab the steer, the game shifts to a window which displays you wrestling with the steer until you either bring it to the ground or it escapes.

Game Controls
Use RETURN to leap from horse, then use Z and X alternately to wrestle steer.

Stage Coach Rescue

The Stage has been hijacked by rogue Indians. You must chase the Stage, avoiding objects the Indians throw at you until you grab hold of the coach and climb aboard. You now fight it out with an Indian on top of the Coach. The victor stays aboard.

Game Controls
Tap Z and X alternately to move horse forward (you can hold X) and *, ? to move horse alongside coach. When beside coach hold RETURN to jump aboard. Slug it out with the Indian using X (block), * - High Punch and ? - Low Punch.


Cover Art Language(s): English
Compatibility: BBC Model B, BBC Model B+, BBC Master 128, Acorn Electron
Release: Professionally released On Cassette
Original Release Date: 13th Oct 1989
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Buffalo Bill's Rodeo Games (Cassette)
Buffalo Bill's Rodeo Games (5.25" Disc)