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Kevin Blake & Jason Sobell

Cover Art

Superman: The Man Of Steel

Superman: The Man Of Steel

Superman: The Man Of Steel

"There's a good feel about it, it's effective and should be in your collection, even if you're not a comics fan."
A&B Computing

"The viewpoint is different for most missions, and I found the tasks themselves varied enough to keep me interested."
Acorn User

"The graphics are superb and the gameplay is exciting and addictive."
Electron User

"It's certainly an impressive piece of work and very well implemented."
The Micro User


You are The Man Of Steel...but don't congratulate yourself just yet! An endless siege of earthquakes and volcanoes are rocking the earth; terrorists have hi-jacked a yacht with Lois Lane and the Governor on board; and two of your most dangerous enemies have struck an unholy alliance! The clock is ticking with only hours left to save the world.

In Superman - THE MAN OF STEEL, a computer comic book which allows you, at crucial moments, to join in the action and become Superman. All of Superman's powers - Flight - Heat Vision - Telescopic Vision Super Strength and Super Breath - are yours to command.

And you will need them as you battle Darkseid's para-demons and Lutnor's sinister construction in a pulse pounding race to forestall the destruction of your adopted planet. Superman - THE MAN OF STEEL takes you into the comic book.

The game screen shows Icons relating to the available Super Powers. In games where more than one Super Power is available, you may swap between them by pressing SHIFT. The bar graph at the side shows your energy status. If this reaches 'E', you have failed and must return to the Fortress of Solitude.

The Game

Superman has been directed by Perry White to meet Professor Corwin at S.T.A.R. Laboratories urgently.

Flying from Metropolis, Superman encounters Darkseid's evil Para-Demons born out of The Boom Tube.

Darkseid has equipped some of the Para-Demons with Concussions Cannons. These Cannons fire deathly Concussion Clouds, which Superman must steer clear of at all costs to avoid a substantial drain on his energy levels.

Powers Available - Flight, Heat Vision, Super Punch and Super Breath.

The Atlantis

After battling through the Para-Demons on the way to meet the Professor, Superman gets a call from Perry White to go immediately to "The Atlantis" anchored outside Metropolis Harbour.

On board The Atlantis, Governor Lee and Lois Lane are being held hostage by fanatical terrorists. Superman's job is to defeat the terrorists and free Lois and the Governor.

Powers Available - Flight and Heat Vision.

The Shuttle

After leaving The Atlantis, Superman reaches the S.T.A.R. Laboratories, where he meets the Professor who tells him uncharacteristic seismic activity has been monitored by his scientists. The Professor must board the Shuttle en route to the Star Lab Satellite where he must gather further valuable data on the natural disaster imperilling the planet. Professor Corwin asks Superman to escort the Shuttle through the violent asteroid and kryptonite storms which could riddle the space shuttle and possibly threaten the Professor's life unless Superman is able to protect the Shuttle on its journey.

Powers Available - Flight, Heat Vision, Super Breath and Super Strength (punch).

Robot Defence System

Having reached the Star Lab Space Shuttle, Superman must enter via the airlock and proceed to fly or run down the corridors to the Command Room and rectify the satellite's out of control Robot Defence System. The system recognises Superman but it incorrectly identifies him as an enemy intruder who must be stopped by the numerous mutant robots.

Powers Available - Flight and Heat Vision.

Asteroid Storm - Part 1

Once the Robots have been made harmless, Professor Corwin sets to work analysing his data to discover where the problem is emanating from. But as he starts, he sees out of a window a massive asteroid storm heading towards the satellite which has already been damaged from a previous storm. Superman must fly outside and protect the satellite from the storm whilst the Professor sets about fixing the Satellite's shields and collecting data.

Powers Available - Flight, Heat Vision, Super Breath and Super Strength (punch).

Asteroid Storm - Part 2

Now that the Satellite has been made stable, Professor Corwin has been able to trace the geophysical disturbances to an unidentified Satellite Station that is sending out disruptive signals through the Com-Sat earth station receivers. The Professor gives Superman the co-ordinates of the malevolent Satellite and he must fly there and knock it off the air.

Leaving the Professor, Superman encounters a heavy asteroid storm. In the distance, he see Darkseid's huge killer robot which is rapidly approaching. The robot is heavily armoured and once in range his energy level is displayed within the playing area.

Powers Available - Flight, Heat Vision, Super Breath and Super Strength (punch).

Having rendered the Ship harmless, Superman flies inside the Satellite Station to be confronted by scores of fighting Lexcorp Robot Commandos. The Robots, now very annoyed after Superman's external attack of their defences, do their best to stop him flying down the central corridor to the Station's core where the geo-distruptor is located. The destruction of this is Superman's final battle for the day - everyone can now sleep easy as once again Superman saves the day.

Powers Available - Flight and Heat Vision.

Game Controls

Z - Left, X - Right, * - Up, ? - Down, RETURN - Fire
SHIFT - Choose Super Power when applicable, SPACE - Start Game
DELETE/COPY - Pause/Restart


Many months of design and programming have gone into this package, not only by the programmer, but also by the substantial back up team both here and in the States who developed the overall design, music and graphics. We all, here at Tynesoft, hope you enjoy this game as much as we have in producing it.


Cover Art Language(s): English
Compatibility: BBC Model B, BBC Model B+, BBC Master 128, Acorn Electron
Release: Professionally released On Cassette
Original Release Date: 23rd Apr 1989
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Cover Art

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Superman: The Man Of Steel (5.25" Disc)
Superman: The Man Of Steel (3.5" Disc)