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F. Knock

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"This game is very enjoyable... Probably the closest version of Pengo that you're likely to get on any micro."
A&B Computing

"Colour, sound and graphics are used to their full extent, although the game isn't as original and exciting as I would have liked."
Acorn User

"If you're into arcade games, you will love this one."
Electron User


Poor old Pengi is locked up in the freezer again! Your job is to try and line up the three spcial "ice-diamond" blocks without being killed by the "snow bees" waiting for you at every turn.

One way to kill them is to kick the blue ice blocks at them, or alternatively you can entice them on to the fence - now you can electrify the fence by giving it a hefty kick - any bees on the fence will now be stunned, long enough for you to run over them and finish them off!

If you can avoid the bees long enough to try and line up the special "ice diamond" blocks (the white ones) then you are rewarded with bonus points; 10,000 for the blocks in the middle of the field, 5,000 points if on the fence.

Game Features

  1. Increasing difficulty with each screen (possible up to 20 screens)
  2. Bonus points for lining up the white "ice diamond" blocks; 10,000 points bonus if aligned in mid-field, or 5,000 if lined up along the fence
  3. Points gained for killing the "snow bees" (400 points each) (more bees to kill on each screen)
  4. A time bonus is also given (bonus screen)
    1,000 pts if under 1 minute
    3,000 pts if under 40 seconds
    5,000 pts if under 20 seconds
  5. Extra Life at 30,000 points
  6. Bonus screens for lining up "ice diamond" blocks.

Other Features

100% In/Code Arcade Action, Full Colour & Sound, High Score Table, On Screen Scoring: High Score, Constantly Updated, 20 Multicolour Sprites, Practice Mode - You Don't Get Killed!, On Screen Instructions, Sound Can Be Turned On Or Off

Game Controls

Z - Left, X - Right, * - Up, ? - Down, SPACE - Kick
Note that the keys can be redefined.


Cover Art Language(s): English
Compatibility: Acorn Electron
Release: Professionally released On Cassette
Original Release Date: 10th Jan 1985
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Pengi (Cassette)
Pengi (5.25" Disc)
Pengi (3.5" Disc)