The Bit At The Back (TBATB)

By Will Watts

Originally published in EUG #03

Waiting To Print

Well, having hung on until the very last moment in the hope that my printer would be repaired in order that Stop Press 64 might be used to produce this issue, I've learnt a valuable lesson, "Always Have An Alternative Plan Of Action!" I am working on EUG #4 as you read this and I'm determined that one way or another, the next magazine will go out on time! So expect it no later than mid-April. To this end, could you please send any contributions you may have before April please!

On the subject of submissions, I think past requests that all contributions be sent on tape or disk was a bit inflexible so scrub that. Send your articles on paper as a print out or in your very best handwriting - the easier it is to read, the faster it can be typed! Having said that, it would still be an advantage to receive actual programs on tape or disk (3.5" ADFS) rather than as a listing!

Some people have written to say they are a bit peeved with having to send a one pound cheque for every issue and that a block subscription might be a good idea - a few have even sent advance payments already! Personally I don't mind how you pay, issue by issue or one lump sum, but could all those who prefer to pay in advance, please hang onto their cash for a little while longer. We're getting to the point where we may have to look elsewhere to get our photocopies done, and until we get all the quotes in we won't know if subscriptions will stay the same or go up - with luck the latter will not be the case! We plan to tell you of any changes in the next issue.

When Is EUG Going To Supply Software?

Another question that keeps cropping up is "When is EUG going to supply original software on tape or disk?" This really requires a three-part answer:

  1. When there is enough original software to make it worthwhile,
  2. When we can cater for DFS users, and
  3. When some reliable method of tape reproduction can be found and afforded. This really is the biggest problem and the "one tape suits all machines" quality may only be available commercially. We're looking into it.

That's it, I'm off! Goodbye for now!