Using View With Tape 02

By Thomas Boustead

Originally published in EUG #03

In EUG #2, we saw how to set up a "page" by defining form length and setting margins. This time we will see how to alter the appearance of printed text by inserting "highlights" and using a printer driver.

Before entering View, load in the listing which accompanies this article (saved in the U directory as "PDRIVER"). The original listing, I should point out, was by Julie Boswell.

A highlight is created by placing the cursor at the point from which you want the style started and again at the point at which you want it to cease by reverting to the original style or by duplicating the highlight to create yet another style. So, having positioned the cursor at the start-point, hold down FUNC and press "H" which then appears in the text as a black bar on a white background. This will not appear in the printout.

Having inserted your highlight(s), SAVE your View file. It is now time to load the printer driver generator program. So press ESCAPE to return to View's command screen. Type *BASIC and RETURN then type LOAD"U.PDRIVER" and RETURN and the program should load in the usual manner. When the program has loaded, type RUN and RETURN.

You will then be asked to type in the pad character. For this, use the "pound" (£) sign which of course usually prints out as the "hash" (#) sign. Now you will be asked to specify the style of type you wish to use by inputting the code used by your printer for that style. (See examples below).

You will then be asked if you wish to input any other changes of style by typing "Y" or "N". The program should then run automatically to produce the machine code program called DRIVER. Now return to View by typing *WORD and RETURN. You should have the MODE 6 command screen. Now type READ filename (RETURN). When it has loaded, type MODE 3 (RETURN). With the printer switched on and waiting, type PRINT (RETURN).

Printing should commence and when the printer gets to the point at which the first highlight has been placed the printer will change style until it reaches the second highlight.

Codes Which Should Work With Most EPSON-Compatible Printers

1,27,1,71Bold Print
1,27,1,72Cancel Bold
1,27,1,52Italic Print
1,27,1,53Cancel Italics
1,27,1,45,1,0Cancel Underline
1,27,1,64Reset Printer

Thomas Boustead, EUG #3