ROM Info Required

By John Brown

Originally published in EUG #03

I wonder if anyone knows what the spare ROM socket and associated DIL holder were originally designed for? These are the two spare places in the printed circuit board which are shown in the circuit diagram as IC2 ROM spare socket, and IC18 74LS00, the latter intended to be used to switch the added ROM I would say.

It is wired already so there must have been some intention to add another ROM to be switched using some key-in code. Has anyone thought about it or maybe utilised the places? I am working on some ideas as ROMs are available and can be programmed quite easily these days. I would be interested in any replies.

Here we are very much interested in computers, having Spectrums, Radio Shack, MSX, Sharp, to name a few. I also have manuals for most and am willing to help anyone to solve any problems - hardware only - software is beyond me at the moment and my age data is difficult to absorb!

John Brown

Being to electronics what 'Prisoner Cell Block H' is to the performing arts, I can offer John no advice at all so could all those in the know please contact him?

Will Watts