Bring Back Electron User!

By Richard Brice

Originally published in EUG #03

I miss Electron User, don't you? It was very informative. Do you know of anyone I could write to about the withdrawal of this fine magazine with a view to having it reinstated? I'm sure many Elk users would prefer it to the "Comic-Cuts" attempt in The Micro User at programming the Elk.

Could we send a petition to the publishers of Electron User (Database Publications)? It might just work if enough users sign. I have had my Elk for four years. In that time I have used a BBC B, a PCW 8256, an Enterprise computer and the ubiquitous Spectrum, and for ease of on-screen editing, scrolling of programs and user-friendliness the Elk has them beaten hands down! I won't change computers now.

Richard Price

Electron User seems to have played a very big part in most Electron owner's computing lives. Alas publishing, like all business, is based on profit so we must assume that declining sales figures over a period of time was the cause of EU's downfall. Trying to persuade Database Publications (now Europress) to resurrect our favourite mag would be like asking a gambler to back a donkey in the Grand National - in their eyes!

I can't pretend the magazine you're reading now could ever match EU's slick and glossy appearance or content, but thanks to our small but enthusiastic band of members we're improving all the time!

Will Watts