Four Points To Ponder

By Greg German

Originally published in EUG #03

I have an Electron with AP1 and AP3 expansions with a 3.5" single sided drive, a STAR LC10 printer and View and Viewsheet cartridges.

I am self taught from the normal manuals which come with the equipment and enjoy discovering what can be achieved with this very simple machine. I use the word processing and spreadsheet facilities extensively.

A short while back I approached a widely advertised Acorn dealer in this area and, in simple terms, asked what I should graduate to and why, if I were to upgrade from the Electron. They totally failed to convince me to change at all. The Electron may be the baby of the Acorn range, but it is a remarkably useful machine, and for me does an excellent job.

It seems to me that your magazine may well provide a good forum for exchanging information, asking questions and prompting the user to seek further usage from his or her Electron.

The sort of things I personally would find of interest would be:

  1. Guidance on how to produce graphics such as those in the "Taster"
  2. How printing may be speeded up. My efforts seem to take hours
  3. View Printer Drivers - how to obtain highlights/underlining. The disks and ROM advertised by Watford Electronics they say are unsuitable
  4. Advice regarding the usefulness of some of the various add-ons for the Electron which are currently on the market

G. S. German

  1. I hope to start work on a series of articles about graphics (including animation) in the not too distant future
  2. Printers and printing are very popular topics for discussion it seems, in particular screen dumps and printer driver - watch this space!
  3. Please see the next letter!
  4. We hope to make product reviews a regular feature of EUG!
    1. Will Watts