Elk Entertainment 01

By Christian Weber

Originally published in EUG #03


This is a new and regular column concerning what most of you out there are still interested in... games! Which does come as a bit of a shock when you consider how few companies produce software for the Elk, i.e. Superior Software and a few budget companies. If you have any problems concerning arcade games and adventures (alas, not text adventures, anybody interested in writing a column?), send the details in to EUG.

Recently on the software front there has been a production spree for the Elk, what with Loopz from ASL, Balloon Buster from Blue Ribbon and Play It Again Sam 16 from Superior/Acornsoft. On the subject of Superior Software, whatever happened to the rumours about them getting the licence from Ocean to produce an Elk version of Robocop? It must be well over two years since this news was broken to us in Electron User, so where is it?

We are all grateful for Sim City and Hostages being released, but I'm sure Robocop would go down well, no matter how old it may now be!


Over the Christmas holidays I dug some real blasts from the past out of my games' collection, namely Ghouls and Croaker, each a classic in its own right. As the memories came flooding back, I thought EUG readers might be interested in the cheats, so here they are!

Croaker, Micro Power

Type the following at the prompt:

      >PAGE=&1000 (RETURN)
      >LIST 130 (RETURN)

Change the value after ?&2334= to however many lives you want, then RUN the program.

Ghouls, Micro Power (Original and Play It Again Sam 7)

Type the following at the prompt:

      >PAGE=&2200 (RETURN)

Once loaded, change line 140 to read:

      >140 LI=LI+1 (RETURN)

Then type RUN. Now each time you die, you don't lose a life...you gain one!

What with my two reviews included elsewhere in this section, it now only remains for me to repeat that if you've got problems with a game or have discovered a new cheat, "Send 'em in soon!!"